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susanle recommended:Mar 13th

Michael does a great job at breaking down the COVID-19 situation right now and how we can address viruses like these in the future. He also gives such great insight on Lyme disease. I don't usually listen to Joe Rogan but this one is a must-listen.

#1439 - Michael Osterholm

The Joe Rogan Experience

susanle recommended:Mar 6th

This episode provided beautiful insight from both someone that has gone thru the cycle of self-harm and a caregiver in the community. As someone who works closely with children in the community, this one really resonated with me. I recommend this episode for anyone with children in their lives. If t...Show More

Self-Harm: What Families Need to Know

Where You Are

susanle recommended:Nov 21st, 2019

This was another great episode. Love this format and how it intertwines meditation - making it so much more accessible. Michelle tells such a beautiful story and weaves imagery of the universe. I pictured the stars, galaxies and so much more!

Time is a landscape, by Michelle Thaller

Meditative Story