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Susan Le


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susanle recommended:Nov 21st, 2019

This was another great episode. Love this format and how it intertwines meditation - making it so much more accessible. Michelle tells such a beautiful story and weaves imagery of the universe. I pictured the stars, galaxies and so much more!

Time is a landscape, by Michelle Thaller

Meditative Story

susanle recommended:Nov 21st, 2019

The ways babies and toddlers communicate has always fascinated. This podcast episode explores the ways babies are communicating with the world around them. It also reminds us that as adults and caregivers, we are very much a large part of that picture. I liked that this episode explored the ways bab...Show More

Baby Talk

Hidden Brain

susanle recommended:Nov 18th, 2019

Sent chills up my spine in some parts when Van was recalling "memories" and loved how the ending was left.

Back When I Was Older