Dolly Parton's America
Dolly Parton's America

Sad Ass Songs

57:12 | Oct 15th, 2019

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We begin with a simple question: How did the queen of the boob joke become a feminist icon? Helen Morales, author of “Pilgrimage to Dollywood,” gave us a stern directive – look at the lyrics! So we di...Show More


cesarm recommended:Oct 16th, 2019

This new 9 part miniseries of Radiolab's Jad Abumrad just premiered today. An exploration of a pop culture icon than on a surface level is regarded as a boob joke in late night shows but whose songs explore the evolution of women in America.

jspinelle recommended:Oct 19th, 2019

This episode manages to cover both murder ballads and third-wave feminism 😀

zeeerin recommended:Oct 20th, 2019

Even if you only ever listen to the first episode of this new 9-part series, you will get a lot more than just a lovely dose of Dolly. It stands alone well, but I’m definitely in for the upcoming journey!

mochromatic recommended:Oct 20th, 2019

Wow I had no idea that Dolly Parton is such a boss!

jhawthorne recommended:Oct 21st, 2019

As someone who knows very little about Dolly Parton, this is incredibly informative and entertaining. I also think there is enough history and context to entertain hardcore Dolly fans too

danny recommended:Oct 21st, 2019

This was great! Excited for the rest of the series.

dannyNov 28th, 2019

@podcastplaylist is would be my other choice for podcast of the year. Pleasantly surprised by learning more about Dolly Parton and seems I'm not the only one.

mm recommended:Oct 23rd, 2019

Finally listened to this because I was feeling a bit FOMO. I didn’t know much about Dolly other than people treat her as a joke and she’s larger than life especially with Dollywood. But wow, this woman is power 💪

mmJan 1st, 2020

Hey Dolly Parton fans, a 2020 greeting from Dolly Parton 💛 @jspinelle @cesarm @danny @jhawthorne @mijustin @mochormatic @zeeerin

mijustin recommended:Nov 3rd, 2019

Really great series. Surprised by how much I’m enjoying it! (Didn’t think I was a Dolly fan, until now)

mmNov 3rd, 2019

@mijustin As they say, Dolly has fans from all walks of life 😉

rmmiller364 recommended:May 8th, 2020

WHY did it take me so long to listen to this?! I’m in love

dannyMay 8th, 2020

@rmmiller364 oh! It's a great series. Glad you found it.

nikkiboyer recommended:Mar 23rd, 2020

I love this whole series but what I love this episode because it really addresses Dolly's Point of View about herself and how she's always ahead of the joke and doubles down. She loves the idea "getting things off her chest" about the jokes and then get to the REAL conversation.

melizoic recommended:Jan 4th

This first episode sucked me in to the entire series and I came to love Dolly Parton (she wasn’t really on my radar prior).

I thought this episode was:

💬 A great conversation
🤔 Thought-provoking