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389. How to Make Meetings Less Terrible

41:42 | Sep 19th, 2019

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In the U.S. alone, we hold 55 million meetings a day. Most of them are woefully unproductive, and tyrannize our offices. The revolution begins now — with better agendas, smaller invite lists, and an e...Show More

AUDIO REMOVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer publicly available.

zeeerin recommended:Nov 21st, 2019

Listen with a coworker, particularly if they have stats love. This is an awesome companion to any and every productivity book/podcast/article ever.

aliceko recommended:Nov 25th, 2019

Listen if you want to make your meetings more productive & less draining. The last part of this episode had solid tangible tips that anyone can start applying asap. I especially relate to: asking people if they even want to be at the meeting (because people fear 'leaving people out' of meetings), ho...Show More

mm recommended:Nov 6th, 2019

Ok, I started listening to this because the title makes it sounds like one of those useful practical episodes one should listen to plus economics. BUT THEN, PRIYA 👏 PARKER 👏 COMES ON AS THE GUEST CO-HOST FOR THIS EPISODE. Just imagine, Priya Parker, but on intentional gatherings at work and how ...Show More