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Monocle 24: The Entrepreneurs


Monocle 24’s weekly tour of the most inspiring people, companies and ideas in global business, whether they are starting from scratch, reinvigorating the family firm or developing new technology.
Eureka 153: Respect Your Universe

11:47 | Jun 21st

What Milan is to fashion, Vancouver is to technical apparel and athletic-wear. While the city is home to Arc’teryx and Lululemon, it’s also home to Respect Your Universe. The athletic-apparel brand has grown steadily since 2014 and now has retail out...Show More
Eureka 160: Now Then

10:07 | Aug 16th

Andrea Salinas is the founder of eco-swimwear brand Now Then. While the landlocked Spanish capital of Madrid is the unlikely nerve centre for a women’s swimwear brand, Andrea’s savvy decision to base there has allowed her to shore up business opportu...Show More
Bright Network

29:25 | Aug 15th

James Uffindell is the CEO and founder of Bright Network, a UK-based platform launched in 2013 that matches more than 200,000 graduates with jobs at more than 300 global businesses, including Bloomberg, Dyson, Goldman Sachs and KPMG. Uffindell began ...Show More
Eureka 160: Yswara

11:19 | Aug 9th

Swaady Martin is the founder and CEO of Yswara, a line of ethically grown African teas and accessories. Based in South Africa, the brand was launched in 2012 and is now carried in 30 retailers across 17 countries. Its tea is the first African foodstu...Show More

28:47 | Aug 8th

Flora Davidson and Gus Bartholomew are co-founders of Supplycompass, a platform launched in 2015 aimed at creating a trusted and transparent supply chain for the fashion industry. From sourcing materials to manufacturing, the platform helps businesse...Show More
Eureka 159: Florentine Kitchen Knives

11:40 | Aug 2nd

Tomer Botner is the founder of Florentine Kitchen Knives, the Barcelona-based company he runs with his wife, Noam Blumenthal. The brand is named for the Florentin area of the couple’s native Tel Aviv. Botner started the brand as part of his thesis pr...Show More

28:45 | Aug 1st

Cousins Kavi and Shamil Thakrar are the co-founders of Dishoom. Their seven restaurants across the UK are a love letter to the old Irani cafés of Bombay (now Mumbai): perfect meeting places in a bustling diverse city. The cultural mash-up bears a res...Show More
Eureka 158: Lexxola

12:50 | Jul 26th

Zane Saleh is the founder of Lexxola, the London-based sunglasses brand he was inspired to start after a trip to Los Angeles. Disappointed by the quality of what was accessible to him on the market, Saleh gave up his day job in art to pursue building...Show More
Mark Gainey, Strava

28:56 | Jul 25th

Mark Gainey is the co-founder and chairman of Strava, the rapidly growing social network used by more than 40 million people in 195 countries. From gold-medal efforts to weekend jogs around the park, Strava allows users to share their workouts. Gaine...Show More
Eureka 157: Hexr

15:22 | Jul 19th

Jamie Cook is the founder and CEO of Hexr, a London-based company behind what may be the safest bicycle helmet ever created. For decades, there has been almost no innovation in foam cycling helmets, beyond them becoming more aerodynamic. After five y...Show More

30:58 | Jul 17th

Graeme and Christopher Raeburn are the brothers behind Raeburn, the east London fashion studio whose “remade, reduced, recycled” ethos is a benchmark for sustainable design. After a decade as head of design at cycling brand Rapha, Graeme returned to ...Show More
Eureka 156: Cape Byron Distillery

17:00 | Jul 12th

Eddie Brook is co-founder and CEO of Cape Byron Distillery, which launched near Australia’s Byron Bay in 2016. Legendary whiskey distiller Jim McEwan invested in the venture and agreed to mentor Brook after learning about his family’s 96-acre farm. A...Show More
Café du Cycliste

28:44 | Jul 11th

Rémi Clermont is co-founder and creative director of French cycling-fashion brand Café du Cycliste. After a career as a professional kayaker he took an IT job in Nice where, as an avid cyclist, he discovered the dream roads of the Côte d’Azur. He inv...Show More
Eureka 155: Billy Tannery

11:38 | Jul 5th

Jack Millington and Rory Harker are co-founders of Billy Tannery, a company based in England’s Midlands that’s helping to revive the region’s rich leather-making history. Launched in 2017, the company produces leather goods – including aprons, backpa...Show More
Avi Meir, TravelPerk

28:13 | Jul 4th

Avi Meir is the co-founder and CEO of TravelPerk, a Barcelona-based company aimed at streamlining business travel courtesy of a platform for doing everything from booking flights to simplifying expenses. In the past four years the firm has grown from...Show More
Eureka 154: Charmian Love, B Lab UK

16:08 | Jun 28th

Charmian Love is the co-founder of B Lab UK, the Certified B Corporation partner in the UK. The global movement was created to help businesses strive for both profit and purpose by becoming more transparent, innovative and sustainable. Charmian was C...Show More
Adam Lewenhaupt, CQP

24:15 | Jun 26th

Adam Lewenhaupt is the CEO, creative director and founder of CQP, a Stockholm-based footwear brand. Though Adam worked in finance for the first decade of his career, he grew up with a passion for design. Realising that banking wasn’t for him, he desi...Show More
Adam Lewenhaupt, CQP

24:15 | Jun 26th

Adam Lewenhaupt is the CEO, creative director and founder of CQP, a Stockholm-based footwear brand. Though Adam worked in finance for the first decade of his career, he grew up with a passion for design. Realising that banking wasn’t for him, he desi...Show More
Christian Meier, The Service Course and La Fábrica Girona

29:31 | Jun 19th

Christian Meier is a Canadian former professional cyclist, who retired at the peak of his career to focus on his passion for coffee. Meier and his wife Amber own and operate three businesses in Girona, Spain: La Fábrica Girona, Espresso Mafia and The...Show More
Eureka 152: Perlego

09:47 | Jun 14th

Gauthier Van Malderen is the CEO and founder of Perlego, a digital streaming platform for textbooks. Around the world, the cost of textbooks is one of the greatest pain points for college and university students, who often only need to read small sec...Show More
Anya Hindmarch

28:58 | Jun 12th

Anya Hindmarch is a name synonymous with creativity and handbags. Her label was launched in 1987; in the ensuing years, Princess Diana became a loyal customer. With shops around the world, the brand is also known for the Chubby Hearts Over London des...Show More
Eureka 151: The Water House Project

11:38 | Jun 7th

Gabriel Waterhouse is the founder and chef behind The Water House Project. After years of cooking in London’s Michelin-starred kitchens he yearned for a less structured environment – what he calls ‘social fine dining’. The result is an eight-course d...Show More
Matt Taylor, Tracksmith

28:28 | Jun 5th

Matt Taylor is the co-founder and CEO of Tracksmith, the New England-based premium running label that celebrates the style, heritage and culture of the sport. Taylor started designing his own line after leaving sportswear giant Puma. Since launching ...Show More
Kresse Wesling, Elvis & Kresse

29:37 | Jun 3rd

Kresse Wesling is the co-founder of Elvis & Kresse, a company that’s creating a blueprint for sustainable luxury fashion. She launched the brand in 2005 with her husband James ‘Elvis’ Henrit and the Certified B Corporation turns discarded items into ...Show More
Eureka 150: Brewgooder

15:45 | May 31st

Alan Mahon is the founder of Brewgooder, a Scottish craft-beer company that donates all its profits to clean-water projects. Launched in 2016, the Certified B company has to date helped fund more than 130 such projects from sales of its Clean Water L...Show More
Kresse Wesling, Elvis & Kresse

29:37 | May 29th

Kresse Wesling is the co-founder of Elvis & Kresse, a company that’s creating a blueprint for sustainable luxury fashion. She launched the brand in 2005 with her husband James ‘Elvis’ Henrit and the Certified B Corporation turns discarded items into ...Show More
Eureka 149: Circumference

11:44 | May 24th

Chris Young and Jina Kim are the husband-and-wife team behind Circumference, a line of natural skincare products aimed at changing the way we think about the beauty industry and how we treat the environment. Growing up in a traditional Korean househo...Show More
Tom Marchant, Black Tomato

29:30 | May 22nd

Tom Marchant is the co-founder and owner of The Black Tomato Group, a company built around luxury bespoke travel. Marchant and his two co-founders James Merrett and Matt Smith decided to launch a company after a trip in the 1990s. And while every fir...Show More
Eureka 148: Reek

09:02 | May 17th

Sara and Molly Sheridan are the mother-and-daughter team behind Reek perfume, an Edinburgh-based company launched in 2016 that makes scents celebrating women and Scottish heritage. Sara is a historical novelist and Molly is a make-up artist by trade ...Show More

29:20 | May 15th

Tommy Kelly is the co-founder of outerwear brand Jöttnar, which aims to make the best kit possible for the world’s most-demanding alpine athletes. Kelly and co-founder Steve Howarth were both Royal Marines commandos.
Eureka 147: Qnola

11:04 | May 10th

Danielle Copperman is the founder of Qnola, a line of quinoa-based granolas with stockists including Whole Foods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in London, and La Grande Épicerie in Paris. Copperman is a full-time model and started the company after f...Show More

30:12 | May 8th

Hayche is a London-based furniture-design studio that makes vibrant pieces from natural materials. Its pieces add colour and beautiful design to homes, restaurants, shops and hotels around the world. The brand was launched in 2014 by architect and an...Show More
Eureka 146: Chelsea Nassib, Tappan

10:06 | May 3rd

Nassib is the founder of Tappan, a digital native-art gallery. The aim of the platform is to make the contemporary-art world more accessible, connecting emerging artists with both seasoned and rookie collectors.
Richard Pierson, Headspace

29:29 | May 1st

Richard Pierson is the CEO and co-founder of Headspace, the meditation app used by millions of people in more than 190 countries. Struggling to deal with stress and anxiety in his life, Pierson left a successful career in advertising. But when his st...Show More
Eureka 145: Carl Friedrik

11:48 | Apr 26th

Brothers Niklas and Mattis Oppermann are the co-founders of Carl Friedrik, a leather-goods business launched in 2012. Focussed originally on wholesaling, the company is now a direct-to-consumer brand producing bags, wallets and cases (mostly in Italy...Show More
Katerina Schneider, Ritual

28:00 | Apr 24th

Katerina Schneider is founder and CEO of Ritual, a vitamin company she founded after leaving behind a career in investment. When Katerina became pregnant, she set out to find a vitamin that was free of additives and that suited her vegan diet. Findin...Show More
Eureka 144: Henry Hales, Sirplus

10:17 | Apr 23rd

With no experience in fashion or retail, Henry Hales launched a men’s underwear line in 2010, made from surplus fabric from the production of shirts. He had some sample boxer shorts made up, packaged them, and opened a stand in east London’s Spitalfi...Show More
Big Mamma

29:24 | Apr 17th

Victor Lugger and his business partner Tigrane Seydoux spent two years driving around Italy to find the best producers and suppliers before opening their first restaurant in Paris. Today, they have nine restaurants as part of the Big Mamma Group, inc...Show More
Eureka 143: Angela Scott, The Office of Angela Scott

10:05 | Apr 12th

Angela Scott is the founder of The Office of Angela Scott, a women’s shoe brand all about elegance and functionality. After working in construction and estate management – and learning of the impracticality of high heels – Angela wanted to create a l...Show More
Harry Mead, The Court

28:48 | Apr 10th

Harry Mead is the founder of the recently opened London members’ club The Court, an ambitious £2m (€2.3m) venture, inspired by Mead’s favourite classic films. The luxury club recently opened its doors in the former Bag O’Nails site in Soho, an iconic...Show More
Eureka 142: NearSt

11:48 | Apr 5th

Max Kreijin and Nick Brackenbury are the co-founders of NearSt, a platform getting people back to the high street. They’ve also paired with Google so that those searching for a specific product can be told that it might be available nearby.
Gabriella Somerville, ConnectJets

29:07 | Apr 3rd

Gabriella Somerville is the founder and managing director of ConnectJets, a private-jet brokerage handling sales, charters and logistics for clients around the world.
Eureka 141: Tay Liam Wee – Watchbox

10:54 | Mar 29th

Tay Liam Wee is the chairman and co-founder of Watchbox, a growing trading platform for pre-owned watches shaking up a multi-billion-dollar industry. Watchbox mixes personalised online shopping with high-touch retail service. Tay is the former owner ...Show More
Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

29:30 | Mar 27th

Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE is chairman of Coffeesmiths Collective Inc, owner and operator of a number of standout brands in coffee, including The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, Nordic Bakery and Baker & Spice. A serial entrepreneur and award...Show More
Eureka 140: Flowerbx

12:43 | Mar 22nd

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings is founder and CEO of Flowerbx, the florist trusted by some of the biggest names in fashion, retail and hospitality. Hawkings spent almost two decades as Tom Ford’s personal assistant before launching her own company in 2015...Show More

29:30 | Mar 20th

Michelle Kennedy is the CEO and founder of Peanut, a rapidly growing app and network for mothers. She was previously deputy CEO of dating platform Badoo and later, along with Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, created dating app Bumble.
Eureka 139: Karen Mabon

07:06 | Mar 15th

Karen Mabon is a Scottish designer and illustrator, based in London, who’s known for her colourful and playful silk scarves. Her eponymous label was launched in 2013 after she attended the Royal College of Art. Her pieces are stocked by a number of r...Show More

29:28 | Mar 14th

Andrew Dudum is founder of Hims, a direct-to-consumer brand with sharp and witty marketing changing the conversation about men’s health and wellness. It offers products for hair loss, sexual wellness and skincare.
Eureka 138: Pip & Nut

11:47 | Mar 8th

Pip Murray founded London-based nut butter company Pip & Nut in her kitchen in 2013. A range of nut butters and an almond milk are now stocked by more than 5,000 shops across the UK and Ireland.
Uncommon Creative Studio and Halo

29:18 | Mar 6th

Nils Leonard is co-founder of Uncommon Creative Studio and ethical-coffee brand Halo, which sells specialty grade coffee in compostable capsules. Previously, Nils was chief creative officer at Grey London.
Eureka 137: The Drop

10:52 | Mar 1st

Stephen Stroud and Jonathan Kruger launched The Drop in 2016, an on-demand label that ships made-to-measure suits to your door in just a few weeks. In consultation with a stylist, and with just 10 measurements and two photos, their algorithm can lase...Show More

29:30 | Feb 27th

Hostmaker was launched by husband and wife Nakul Sharma and Deepti Patankar, who left their jobs to launch the platform from their kitchen table in 2014. The end-to-end management company is reinventing home-sharing, and working with top hotels to do...Show More
Eureka 136: Merchant Sons

11:56 | Feb 22nd

The realisation that most homeware was geared towards women led to the founding of Merchant Sons, a Toronto-based brand with global ambitions focused on improving the homes of men. CEO Cathy Ly describes how the well-crafted homeware is inspired by c...Show More
Tovertafel, Patientory, Thriva and Forward Health

29:17 | Feb 21st

An in-depth look at four start-ups easing the strain on healthcare providers and making the patient experience more transparent. We meet the founders of Tovertafel, Patientory, Thriva and Forward Health.
Eureka 135: Beaumont Nathan

09:52 | Feb 15th

Beaumont Nathan is an independent art-advisory firm that’s breathing new life into the global market by using experience and data to make sales more transparent. The firm was founded in 2013 by Hugo Nathan and Wentworth Beaumont, who both previously ...Show More

29:31 | Feb 13th

Pete Sunderland and Ross Baynham are co-founders of Glasgow design studio Instrmnt. The studio launched in 2014 with the release of the industrial-inspired Instrmnt 01, a crowdfunded steel watch.
Eureka 134: Burdifilek

14:41 | Feb 8th

Diego Burdi and Paul Filek founded Toronto-based interior-design firm Burdifilek in 1993 – in the midst of a recession. They’ve since designed iconic interiors for many of North America’s top retailers and, while the industry has faced tectonic shift...Show More

28:13 | Feb 6th

Sharan Pasricha knows every detail counts in the world of hospitality. And it’s why the founder and CEO of Ennismore pushes his team to constantly think outside the box in designing inspiring and creative social hubs. The hospitality firm owns The Ho...Show More
Eureka 133: Maapilim

10:31 | Feb 1st

Looking to the seafaring roots of his family – and the traditional ingredients used on the spice route connecting Asia, Africa and Europe for thousands of years – Jonathan Keren and his husband Doron Baduach launched a line of men’s grooming products...Show More

27:40 | Jan 30th

Nicolas Roope and Michael-George Hemus are the co-founders of London-based designer lighting company Plumen. While coming from very different backgrounds, the two shared a vision for what a design-first brand could become and set out to solve the pro...Show More
Eureka 132: Airtasker

08:52 | Jan 25th

Airtasker is an online platform that helps users outsource everyday tasks. It was created by Tim Fung in 2012 and today there are more than 1.5 million people in Australia and the UK using it, with more than €13m worth of jobs available through the p...Show More
Mrs Wordsmith

28:20 | Jan 23rd

Sofia Fenichell is founder and CEO of Mrs Wordsmith, an illustrated children’s book series focusing on words that, according to data scientists, will help children succeed academically. ‘The Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary’ is an Amazon bestsell...Show More
Eureka 131: Dark Horses

11:49 | Jan 18th

Simon Dent launched Dark Horses with London ad agency Lucky Generals two years ago. The aim was to build a network of entrepreneurial companies to meet the ever-demanding needs of top clients in the world of sport.

27:46 | Jan 16th

Andreas Palm and Christian Larson are the co-founders of premium Swedish underwear brand CDLP, which is stocked by top hotels and retailers around the world. Larson is a filmmaker who has created music videos for artists such as Sigur Rós and Kylie M...Show More
Eureka 130: Frank Green

11:39 | Jan 11th

When a corporate career in business strategy led Ben Young into Australia’s waste-management sector, he quickly learned that disposable cups were a huge problem for landfill sites and oceans. Young spent four years product testing a reusable cup then...Show More
Epic Foundation

27:30 | Jan 9th

French serial entrepreneur Alexandre Mars has always seen business as an opportunity to drive positive social change in the world. Mars is a celebrated philanthropist and founder and CEO of the global nonprofit Epic. The foundation invests in social ...Show More
Athletic Propulsion Labs

28:19 | Jan 2nd

Adam and Ryan Goldston were student athletes at the University of Southern California when they started Athletic Propulsion Labs and created a basketball shoe proven to make players jump higher. Launched direct to consumer in 2010, APL’s Concept 1 ba...Show More
The best of The Entrepreneurs

27:43 | Dec 26th, 2018

For our final episode of the year, we look back at some of the most inspiring conversations we’ve had this year, unpacking everything from branding, growing a company, building a strong team, attracting investment and mentoring the next generation of...Show More
Eureka 129: Grenade

10:22 | Dec 21st, 2018

Grenade is one of the fastest growing brands in the massive sports-nutrition market. The brand was started by Alan and Juliet Barratt, who created their first product in their home kitchen in 2009, later launching the company with just £27 in their b...Show More
Mungo Design

24:29 | Dec 19th, 2018

In 1998, Stuart Holding restored two antique looms, which he used to create homeware textiles he then sold at his wife’s shop. Their children Tessa and Dax now help run Mungo Design and its three shops in South Africa.
Eureka 128: Chalkdown Cider

10:22 | Dec 14th, 2018

After a successful career working in IT, Piotr Nahajski followed his passion into winemaking and, in 2013, launched Chalkdown Cider. Produced from apples grown in the Hampshire Downs, the sparkling cider is both uniquely English and a refreshing alte...Show More

27:32 | Dec 12th, 2018

Karoli Hindriks is co-founder and CEO of Jobbatical, an employment network helping companies to build stronger and more diverse workforces by hiring talent from abroad. Well-known in her native Estonia as an inventor, media personality and successful...Show More
Eureka 127: Violet Cakes

12:14 | Dec 7th, 2018

Claire Ptak opened Violet, her bakery in East London, in 2010 after moving to the UK from California five years earlier. She trained at Chez Panisse under renowned chef and restaurateur Alice Waters and, earlier this year, caught the eye of Prince Ha...Show More
Community Clothing

28:23 | Dec 5th, 2018

Having spent a career building fashion brands, working in high-end tailoring on Savile Row, running factories and consulting with the country’s largest department stores, British fashion designer Patrick Grant wanted to start from scratch. He launche...Show More
Eureka 126: Fearless Futures

06:35 | Nov 30th, 2018

Hanna Naima McCloskey started Fearless Futures after leaving her job in finance, feeling there was something missing in the way the corporate world was addressing diversity and inclusion. McCloskey and her team now run training programmes to engage p...Show More

28:10 | Nov 28th, 2018

While managing a Mayfair gallery, Bernadine Bröker Wieder was looking for better ways to connect with collectors. With Francesca Polo, she founded a global platform that allows art to be securely sourced and loaned to exhibitions.
Eureka 125: Stepney Workers Club

12:45 | Nov 23rd, 2018

Launched in March 2018, East London footwear brand Stepney Workers Club was inspired by the ethos and inclusive culture of workers’ sports clubs of years past. Bringing together a wealth of experience in designing footwear for luxury brands as well a...Show More
Cookson Adventures

28:08 | Nov 21st, 2018

After leaving the world of finance, Henry Cookson became a record-setting polar explorer, and has since built a multi-million-dollar business, Cookson Adventures, specialising in bespoke journeys for clients. Many of the trips are considered “world-f...Show More
Eureka 124: Birchall & Taylor

09:50 | Nov 16th, 2018

Torontonians Charles Birchall and Brad Taylor first met in the city of Le Locle at Switzerland’s most storied watchmaking school. The pair eventually returned home and in 2017, armed with the best training, launched Toronto’s most exciting new watch ...Show More

26:44 | Nov 14th, 2018

Fokke de Jong founded menswear label Suitsupply from the boot of a car in the Netherlands in 2000 after a chance encounter threw him into the world of Italian textiles. We discover how the affordable tailoring firm has found the right marriage betwee...Show More
Eureka 123: No1 Rosemary Water

10:01 | Nov 9th, 2018

David Spencer-Percival is a serial entrepreneur with an award-winning record for co-founding and growing recruitment firms Huntress and Spencer Ogden into success stories worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Pair business know-how with an obsession...Show More
Amastan Paris

28:23 | Nov 7th, 2018

Amastan is reshaping the idea of a hotel stay in the City of Light. It is the vision of self-starter Zied Sanhaji who, armed with his family’s entrepreneurial spirit and his own know-how from a range of hospitality jobs, opened the doors a few years ...Show More
Eureka 122: Fora

11:47 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Serial entrepreneur Katrina Larkin is on a mission to create beautifully designed workplaces for collaboration and engagement. She’s the co-founder of Fora, a rapidly growing network of so-called premium “pro-working” spaces in London. Over the past ...Show More

27:35 | Oct 31st, 2018

Cal Henderson is CTO and co-founder of Slack, a communication and collaboration platform with more than eight million daily users in over 100 countries. With 1,200 employees across nine cities, Slack was valued earlier this year at more than $7bn aft...Show More
Eureka 121: The Glendalough Distillery

06:24 | Oct 26th, 2018

A group of friends from the Dublin area are reviving the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland. They’ve set up The Glendalough Distillery in the scenic mountain surroundings of Co Wicklow, and have been making standout Irish whiskey and gin. But it...Show More
Flash Pack

28:29 | Oct 24th, 2018

Lee Thompson and Radha Vyas are the co-founders of Flash Pack, a company for adventurous solo travellers in their thirties and forties looking to meet like-minded people while seeing the world in style and comfort. Using just £8,000 of their own mone...Show More
Eureka 120: Ciele Athletics

10:17 | Oct 19th, 2018

Knowing that most technical brands do not focus specifically on caps, Mike Giles and Jeremy Bresnen set out to design the best running cap on the market. The breathable, lightweight, fast-drying caps are designed to look just as good on the run, as w...Show More

29:17 | Oct 17th, 2018

Cities are becoming more desirable places to live but renting a flat is still a stressful experience. Ryan Prince, co-founder of Uncle, has set out to change all that. His property-management service (which he co-founded with his father) has found su...Show More
Eureka 119: Oscar Deen Eyewear

08:08 | Oct 12th, 2018

With a shared sense of style and a desire to turn their passion for design into something tangible, Oscar Phillips and Sheriff-Deen Showobi set out to craft the ideal sunglasses. Inspired by vintage frames, they created Oscar Deen. The east London na...Show More
Sylvain Labs

28:24 | Oct 10th, 2018

Sylvain Labs was launched in 2010 in the so-called ‘innovation consulting’ market – somewhere between a creative agency and business consultancy. At its heart is a focus on strategy, helping companies to develop and launch new products and solidify t...Show More
Eureka 118: Amelia Singer

09:42 | Oct 5th, 2018

Amelia Singer has carried a passion for sharing her love of wines throughout her life. Wine-and-cheese events in university and small tasting pop-ups for friends quickly turned into a career for the self-starter, who is now a successful television ho...Show More
The Allbright

29:26 | Oct 3rd, 2018

Debbie Wosskow is co-founder of The Allbright, a members’ club aimed at celebrating, connecting and empowering women at work. Previously she was the founder and CEO of home-exchange platform Love Home Swap; she also sits on London mayor Sadiq Khan’s ...Show More
Eureka 117: Over Under Coffee

08:05 | Sep 28th, 2018

Ed Barry knows the value of a good cup of coffee in building a community. After five years living between Dublin and New York, he was looking to mix his experience in both cities with the café culture in New Zealand, where his parents are from. This ...Show More

27:59 | Sep 26th, 2018

East London label LNDR makes sophisticated women’s clothing for the gym or high street. Launched by Sarah Donnelly, Donna Harris and Joanna Turner in 2015, the brand is stocked at Selfridges, Net-a-Porter and Le Bon Marché. Today, Harris and Turner a...Show More
Eureka 116: Clippings

09:56 | Sep 24th, 2018

Adel Zakout is an architect-turned-entrepreneur and the co-founder of Clippings, a digital platform for interior designers that allows them to easily source products, from furniture to light fittings. Adel launched the company with Tom Mallory back i...Show More
The new face of finance

29:13 | Sep 19th, 2018

This week we’re taking an in-depth look at how a host of start-ups are bringing more people into the worlds of personal finance and investment. We meet four entrepreneurs who are making the world of finance easier to understand and engaging people wh...Show More
Eureka 115: Octopus Energy

09:05 | Sep 14th, 2018

Greg Jackson has worn many hats over the course of his career. He co-founded marketing-technology business C360 in the early 2000s and then sold it to the Tangent Group in 2006; after that he went on to work for several companies across various secto...Show More

27:38 | Sep 12th, 2018

Tim Brown was a professional footballer in his native New Zealand before deciding to create environmentally friendly footwear. He is the co-founder of Allbirds, a booming shoe brand with sustainability at its heart; earlier this year the company sold...Show More
Eureka 114: Adorno

08:41 | Sep 7th, 2018

Adorno is a digital platform for design-lovers that enables people to discover and buy one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces direct from designers around the world. Part marketplace, part online gallery, the site was launched last year by Copenhag...Show More

26:59 | Sep 5th, 2018

Ben Branson spent a decade working for creative agencies, helping other people to build their brands. But in 2014 he decided to put his skills to the test on his own project. That project was Seedlip, a non-alcoholic spirit born out of Branson’s pass...Show More
Eureka 113: Yatay

08:34 | Aug 31st, 2018

When Umberto De Marco went looking for a pair of sustainable trainers and returned empty-handed, he made a decision: he would create the world’s first luxury sustainable sneaker brand. Little more than 50 years ago his father Enrico invented an eco-f...Show More

28:05 | Aug 29th, 2018

We assess the importance of business mentors. As anyone who has founded a company will know, having an experienced adviser who can lend advice and an ear during the tough times can be key. But it’s a two-way street: as an older entrepreneur you can l...Show More
Eureka 112: Stella & Dot

09:22 | Aug 24th, 2018

Jessica Herrin is the founder and CEO of Stella & Dot, a San Francisco-based jewellery-and-accessories retailer built on what it calls a “social-selling” model. The company has reimagined direct sales for the digital age, engaging with tens of thousa...Show More
Special episode: Finding investors

32:12 | Aug 23rd, 2018

We’re in Paris talking to a group of experts and entrepreneurs about funding – how start-ups should go about securing it and what investors are really looking for.
Bremont watches

28:07 | Aug 22nd, 2018

Bremont watches Giles and Nick English are the brothers behind UK watch brand Bremont. Both aviation enthusiasts, the co-founders launched the firm in 2002 and named it after a French farmer whose fields they once accidentally landed in during a fog...Show More
Eureka 111: Tend

09:12 | Aug 17th, 2018

Marco Abele is the founder and CEO of Tend, a Zürich-based digital platform focused on “life-enriching investment”. Driven by blockchain, Tend allows investment in luxury assets through co-ownership, such as shares in high-end sports cars, homes, vin...Show More
Jo Malone CBE

27:19 | Aug 15th, 2018

Jo Malone CBE made her name – quite literally – as the eponymous entrepreneur behind her iconic perfume brand. A sensation in the 1990s, Malone later sold the brand to cosmetics giant Estée Lauder Companies. While she stayed on as creative director, ...Show More
Eureka 110: Poilâne

08:45 | Aug 10th, 2018

Apollonia Poilâne is a third-generation baker and CEO of the Poilâne bakery brand. While she was encouraged by her father to explore the world and pursue her passions, it’s in the bakehouse where she has always felt most at home, carrying on her fami...Show More

28:34 | Aug 8th, 2018

While on a summer break from university in Glasgow, keen cyclist Alec Farmer taught himself to sew. Setting out to craft the perfect bag, Farmer used discarded materials that he found around the city: and soon Trakke was born. It’s now a well-known m...Show More
Eureka 109: Ashley Watson

07:53 | Aug 3rd, 2018

The son of an engineer and an artist, Ashley Watson has always had an understanding of both form and function. He spent years working as a designer before deciding to combine two of his great passions: clothing and motorbikes. In 2014 Ashley launched...Show More
The Trampery

27:38 | Aug 1st, 2018

In 2009 Charles Armstrong launched The Trampery, the first co-working space to take root in Shoreditch, a district of east London that has since become crowded with shared workspaces catering to the area’s creative and entrepreneurial communities. Ov...Show More
Eureka 108: Gormley & Gamble

09:27 | Jul 27th, 2018

Intrigued by style and craftsmanship, Phoebe Gormley started making her own clothes at a young age, and at just 15 began interning in London’s Savile Row and Jermyn Street, known for high-end men’s tailors. After two years studying costume design at ...Show More
Dave Dawson

27:42 | Jul 25th, 2018

Dave Dawson trained as a lawyer but never had much love for the legal profession and always harboured a desire to one day start his own design company. That day arrived in 2003 when he decided to quit his day job and launch the Urban Electric Company...Show More
Eureka 107: Wonderbill

07:44 | Jul 20th, 2018

Shane Clifford is CEO of Wonderbill, a digital platform that organises your household bills while also suggesting other providers that could save you money. Just two years old, the platform now has 50,000 users across the UK and has plans to expand t...Show More
Kestin Hare

29:23 | Jul 18th, 2018

Edinburgh-based fashion designer Kestin Hare worked with a number of labels including Nigel Cabourn and Burberry before launching his eponymous label in 2014. The brand now has two shops, one in Shoreditch and one in the Leith area of the Scottish ca...Show More
Eureka 106: Tailor Made London

07:33 | Jul 13th, 2018

When bespoke tailoring fell short of his expectations, former Goldman Sachs banker John Buni launched Tailor Made London. The company uses high-precision body scanners to map customers’ bodies and create a perfect fit.

27:59 | Jul 11th, 2018

Brendan Murdock made his name as the founder of well-designed barbershops, which he called Murdock London. The brand was right at the forefront of a wave of new spots catering to men who care about their appearance and are willing to pay good money f...Show More
Eureka 105: Care/of

07:18 | Jul 6th, 2018

Craig Elbert is the co-founder and CEO of Care/of, a direct-to-consumer brand that specialises in vitamins and supplements. Care/of makes understanding what to buy and what to take simple, while giving customers access to research on vitamins. Founde...Show More

29:38 | Jul 4th, 2018

Launched in London in 2004, Rapha sets the benchmark for premium cycling wear. Its 22 shops-cum-cafés around the world act as community hubs for cyclists, selling performance and streetwear as well as skincare, self-produced films and an in-house mag...Show More
Eureka 104: Butternut Box

07:22 | Jun 29th, 2018

Kevin Glynn and David Nolan are best friends, former Goldman Sachs bankers and now co-founders of Butternut Box: a company that creates fresh, delicious dog food and delivers it direct to customers. Since starting the business two years ago, they hav...Show More

28:38 | Jun 27th, 2018

Timo Boldt is the co-founder and CEO of technology-cum-food business Gousto, one of the leading meal-kit providers in the UK. Since its launch in 2012 it has delivered more than 13 million meals and in March, off the back of strong growth, secured a ...Show More
Eureka 103: Goodordering

08:19 | Jun 22nd, 2018

After making a name for herself designing bags for Puma, Virgin Atlantic, Microsoft and others, Jacqui Ma saw an opportunity to strike out on her own. In 2012, as a working mother who cycled everywhere, Ma noticed a lack of affordable and stylish bag...Show More

29:04 | Jun 20th, 2018

Jen Rubio co-founded direct-to-consumer luggage company Away in 2016. She met business partner Stephanie Korey when the pair worked at eyewear venture Warby Parker; they took their experience and used it to disrupt an industry that they felt was stuc...Show More
Eureka 102: Edited

05:38 | Jun 15th, 2018

Geoff Watts and Julia Fowler moved from Australia to London in 2009 to found retail-technology company Edited. Touted as the “Bloomberg terminal for fashion”, Edited uses big data and artificial intelligence to help some of the world’s biggest fashio...Show More

26:04 | Jun 13th, 2018

Brothers Taco and Ties Carlier founded the Dutch bike brand VanMoof in 2009 with the mission to reimagine how a bicycle can function in the cities of tomorrow. The slick electric bikes they design subtly integrate smart technology, such as a theft-de...Show More
Eureka 101: Real Handful

06:46 | Jun 8th, 2018

Joe Taylor worked for a number of big companies in the consumer-goods sector, including Kellogg’s and Heinz, before striking out on his own. When training for an Ironman triathlon, he discovered that trail mix was a great source of fuel for endurance...Show More

28:20 | Jun 6th, 2018

As we’re increasingly being told by serious researchers and popular science writers alike, a good night’s sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing. But it’s something Paul Efmorfidis has known for decades. The entrepreneur had an epiphany as a ...Show More
Eureka 100: Zebra Fuel

05:49 | Jun 1st, 2018

For cities, corporations and drivers around the world, the future of the car is up for debate. The cost of congestion, pollution and infrastructure is increasingly taxing on citizens and their governments. For drivers, filling up is a chore that hasn...Show More

29:09 | May 30th, 2018

While fashion and philanthropy are finding common ground, it’s not often a brand or fashion retailer is set up specifically to benefit a charitable cause. But that’s exactly what entrepreneur Stacey Boyd has done with Olivela. The e-commerce platform...Show More
Eureka 99: No18

08:04 | May 25th, 2018

Flexible, shared work spaces are in high demand around the world. But what about those looking for a more premium experience? Enter Stockholm’s No18. Launched by Michel Gordin in 2012, No18 now has two location in the Swedish capital, including one a...Show More

28:47 | May 23rd, 2018

Beauty and skincare brand Malin+Goetz launched in 2004. The simple elegant packaging, unisex products and approachable brand instantly caused a stir. Skincare expert Matthew Malin found nothing could calm his sensitive skin; Andrew Goetz – a self-con...Show More
Eureka 98: Paul Schütze Perfume

09:31 | May 18th, 2018

Composer Paul Schütze and husband Chris Rickwood set out to launch a perfume house four years ago, Paul Schütze Perfume. Their five fragrances are inspired by memory and architecture, and packaged in the Cotswolds.
Wish you were here?

30:00 | May 16th, 2018

This week we are taking a closer look at company culture and what it takes to build a thriving environment where people want to work. We’ll meet the entrepreneurs behind growing businesses who are leading by example.
Eureka 97: EO Charging

08:02 | May 11th, 2018

Charlie Jardine is the founder of EO Charging, which designs and manufactures electric-vehicle charging points for homes, workplaces and destinations. After leaving university, Jardine bounced around jobs and internships in London before following hi...Show More

30:00 | May 9th, 2018

Kasper Hostrup is the founder of Goods, a Copenhagen menswear shop that has garnered loyal clients worldwide thanks to its service, pared-back style and carefully thought-through collections. Goods opened as the global financial crisis hit but Hostru...Show More
Eureka 96: Stasher

07:29 | May 4th, 2018

Jacob Wedderburn-Day is the co-founder and CEO of Stasher, a welcome storage solution for tourists and day-trippers across Europe. Conceived during a brainstorming session among three friends at Oxford University, the technology start-up links people...Show More

30:00 | May 2nd, 2018

John Schoolcraft is head of creative at Oatly, the oat-milk company based in Sweden. Its product can now be found around the world – including at Monocle cafés. In this week’s episode, Schoolcraft talks about how he helped to create a stronger identi...Show More
Eureka 95: Of a Kind

06:47 | Apr 27th, 2018

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo are the women behind New York-based Of a Kind, an online marketplace with a focus on emerging designers in fashion, homeware and jewellery. They met in university, bonding over their keen eye for fashion. Both moved to t...Show More
Alice Made This

30:00 | Apr 25th, 2018

Alice Walsh is the founder of Alice Made This, a London-based design company that makes men’s accessories and women’s jewellery. What began in 2012 with a set of four minimalist cufflinks has evolved over the past six years into a collection spanning...Show More
Eureka 94: Amicable

08:12 | Apr 20th, 2018

Angel investor Pip Wilson sold her successful consultancy Bluefin in order to look for a new venture in tech. After a friend went through a difficult divorce, Wilson decided to set up Amicable, a platform that uses technology to help couples divorce ...Show More
Career change

30:00 | Apr 18th, 2018

What does it take to say goodbye to a safe monthly salary and strike out on your own? This week we hear from company founders who left high-powered jobs to head off into the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship. First, Peter Milne, who left finance t...Show More
Eureka 93: MetroNaps

06:21 | Apr 13th, 2018

Sleep expert Christopher Lindholst puts his success down to the fact that he frequently snoozes during the working day – and he’s not alone. His company MetroNaps builds and operates EnergyPods, the world’s first chairs designed specifically for napp...Show More

30:00 | Apr 11th, 2018

Tom Broughton has always been an eyewear obsessive – ever since he started wearing glasses at the age of seven. In 2012 he began designing and making frames on his kitchen table, not to make money but out of sheer passion. Eventually he garnered a lo...Show More
Eureka 92: Hill & Ellis

05:42 | Apr 6th, 2018

Catherine Ellis is the founder of Hill & Ellis, a London-based maker of handsome, handmade bike bags. As a cyclist herself, Catherine noticed both the growing popularity of cycling and the dearth of well-designed, beautifully made bags on the market....Show More

30:00 | Apr 4th, 2018

New Zealand-based Xero is a world-leader in accounting software. The cloud-based programme was designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their finances – a tedious and time-consuming task for any entrepreneur. Since its launch in 2006...Show More
Eureka 91: Opticianado

06:45 | Mar 30th, 2018

Having tired of mass-market eyewear, optician Jordan Paul founded Opticianado, a Toronto-based shop specialising in vintage specs sourced from across the globe.
The Infatuation

30:00 | Mar 28th, 2018

Chris Stang is a co-founder of The Infatuation, a restaurant-discovery platform that has become the guide of choice for discerning diners across the US. Founded in 2009, the platform has just made headlines around the world by agreeing to acquire the...Show More
Eureka 90: Kovalum

06:49 | Mar 23rd, 2018

For lawyer-turned-designer Mark Johnson, the dream of launching a menswear brand was inspired by an anorak worn by his father in the 1960s. That ambition was realised in 2010 with the founding of Kovalum. While a modernised take on that very jacket r...Show More
Matthew Corrin, Freshii

30:00 | Mar 21st, 2018

Matthew Corrin’s idea to create a brand around healthy eating has seen his business go from a single shop to one of the fastest-growing food franchises in the world. Corrin is the Canadian founder behind Freshii, a takeaway chain which aims to make h...Show More
Eureka 89: Tala

06:58 | Mar 16th, 2018

Tala is a young British lighting brand with sustainability at its heart. Max Wood and Josh Ward, two of the three co-founders, explain why they decided to strike out on their own, talking us through how you build a successful design company.
How to rebrand

30:00 | Mar 14th, 2018

Breathing new life into a brand can be a difficult undertaking. From changing a logo, to overhauling the business focus, rebranding can make or break established names and struggling enterprises. We ask Pentagram’s Paula Scher to give us her top tips...Show More
Eureka 88: Eric Brass

07:30 | Mar 9th, 2018

One-time banker Eric Brass explains the origins of Tequila Tromba, the Toronto-based premium tequila brand he co-founded in 2011.
Romée de Goriainoff, Experimental Group

27:22 | Mar 7th, 2018

Romée de Goriainoff is one of the three co-founders of Experimental Group, the French hospitality brand that launched Paris’s first proper cocktail bar and is now the name behind restaurants, bars and even hotels the world over. But it all started wi...Show More
Eureka 87: Kroft Furniture

06:31 | Mar 2nd, 2018

Dustin Kroft went from moving furniture to making and designing it in 2015, when he established his eponymous design studio in Toronto. He traces the journey of Kroft Furniture and his ambitions for the firm.
James Eden, Private White VC

30:00 | Feb 28th, 2018

In 2010, James Eden gave up a job in finance to turn around a 100-year-old factory in Manchester. The result is Private White VC, a luxury menswear brand where everything is made in Britain. Eden tells us how Private White VC breathed new life into t...Show More
Eureka 86: Feldspar

09:56 | Feb 23rd, 2018

Jeremy Brown and his wife Cath left a vibrant life in London to move to the Devonshire countryside. There they launched Feldspar, a design brand that produces everything from tableware to lambswool blankets and is stocked in some of the best retailer...Show More
Lightspeed, Dax Dasilva

30:00 | Feb 21st, 2018

Dax Dasilva is the founder and CEO of Lightspeed, a tech firm founded in Montréal in 2005. The company provides point-of-sale software for small retailers and restaurants around the world, helping them to manage inventory, sell online and connect wit...Show More
Eureka 85: Capo Capo – Toronto’s own aperitivo rosso

08:51 | Feb 16th, 2018

Joel Clarke, Owen Walker and Diti Katona trace the story of their Toronto-based small-batch aperitivo rosso brand Capo Capo.
Amelia Harvey, The Collective

30:00 | Feb 14th, 2018

Amelia Harvey is the woman behind The Collective, an innovative yoghurt brand that has shaken up the dairy aisles of supermarkets across the UK and Europe with its playful packaging and fruity flavours. Founded in 2011 as a joint venture with the ori...Show More
Eureka 84: Archie Lee Coates IV, PlayLab

11:27 | Feb 9th, 2018

Archie Lee Coates IV traces the story of PlayLab, the creative studio he co-founded in New York in 2009.
It’s Nice That

30:00 | Feb 7th, 2018

Alex Bec is the co-founder of the HudsonBec Group, a company which began in 2007 with a website called ‘It’s Nice That’. The mission of the website was, and still is, to “enable creativity to thrive” and it does this by giving exposure to great artis...Show More
Eureka 83: Mungo & Maud

10:04 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Michael and Nicola Sacher are the husband-and-wife team behind cat-and-dog outfitters Mungo & Maud. In this episode, they tell us how their English setter sparked the idea for the brand and how it has grown into the world's top shop for discerning pe...Show More
From e-commerce to bricks and mortar

30:00 | Jan 31st, 2018

In the early years of the internet and social media, many assumed that e-commerce would eclipse traditional retail. But today many brands are successfully shifting their focus away from the screen and back to the high street. We hear from four busine...Show More
Eureka 82: Gaelyne Leslie - Crawford Street Natural Skin Care

07:45 | Jan 26th, 2018

Toronto-based cosmetics entrepreneur Gaelyne Leslie explains why she left a career in investigative journalism to fill a niche in the all-natural cosmetics sector with her company, Crawford Street Natural Skin Care.
Master & Dynamic

30:00 | Jan 24th, 2018

Jonathan Levine is the co-founder and CEO of Master & Dynamic, a New York-based company that makes high-end headphones and audio accessories. Levine talks about the early days of the company, its many collaborations and why it is important to be a co...Show More
Eureka 81: Voysis, Peter Cahill

08:18 | Jan 19th, 2018

Peter Cahill is the founder of Voysis, an Irish start-up that has developed an intelligent personal assistant to rival the likes of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Cahill tells us about his journey and why being independent is an advantage in the ma...Show More
Basque masters

30:00 | Jan 17th, 2018

Melody Adams and partner Nemanja Borjanovic were working in the City before a trip to San Sebastián inspired them to quit and open a restaurant. Serving traditional Basque cuisine, Donostia was launched in 2012 in London's Marylebone; just three year...Show More
Eureka 80: Marc Popper – Café Paradiso

09:35 | Jan 12th, 2018

Marc Popper is the co-founder of Italian-inspired espresso bar and restaurant Café Paradiso in Geneva. In this episode he tells us how his previous work in branding helped him conceptualise the Paradiso and how he partnered with his previous clients ...Show More
East London Liquor Company

30:00 | Jan 10th, 2018

Alex Wolpert is the founder of the East London Liquor Company, a distillery located in a former glue factory in Bow Wharf. Founded in 2013 with the intention of reviving east London’s lost legacy of distilling, the company now produces around 15,000 ...Show More
Eureka 79: Bather, Kyle Kaminsky

08:39 | Jan 5th, 2018

Founded in 2013, Bather was the product of an incorrectly packed suitcase sent to Croatia that led Kyle Kaminsky to realise that there was a gap in the market for affordable high-quality men’s swimwear. He decided to start his own brand of colourful ...Show More
Make Shift

30:00 | Jan 3rd, 2018

James Leay is part of the team behind Make Shift, a social enterprise that designs, builds and manages new public destinations that house independent businesses. Make Shift has been behind successful revitalisations of London spaces such as Pop Brixt...Show More
The best of The Entrepreneurs 2017

30:00 | Dec 27th, 2017

In this special edition of ‘The Entrepreneurs’, we look back at 2017 with six of the bravest and boldest entrepreneurs in everything from technology and design to media and fashion to find out what lies behind their success. The episode includes conv...Show More
Eureka 78: Mark Cass of Cass Art

10:22 | Dec 22nd, 2017

Mark Cass opened Cass Art, a shop offering top-quality art material in 1984. Since then the brand has grown and it now has over 10 locations across the UK. Mark tells us the story of a company that wants to fill towns with artists and explains how ge...Show More
Christmas money-makers

30:00 | Dec 20th, 2017

We talk about how to get the most out of the holiday season. We go to meet Erwin Perzy III of Original Viennese Snow Globes, the first snow-globe maker in the world; Chantal Coady, the founder of Rococo Chocolates in London and Johanna Weiste, who ru...Show More
Eureka 77: Natasha Arselan of AucArt

09:22 | Dec 15th, 2017

Natasha Arselan launched online auction house AucArt in December 2017. The platform supports emerging talent by offering art directly from the studios of final-year students and early career artists. By cutting the overhead costs of the gallery, AucA...Show More
Bensimon Byrne

30:00 | Dec 13th, 2017

Jack Bensimon is the founder and president of Canada’s largest independent advertising agency, Bensimon Byrne. Founded in 1993 by Bensimon and longtime friend Peter Byrne, the agency has been responsible for some of the most memorable ads in Canadian...Show More
Eureka 76: Albam

08:50 | Dec 8th, 2017

Alastair Rae and James Shaw founded independent menswear label Albam in 2006. The brand, which focuses on utilitarian and versatile design combined with a high-quality craftsmanship, quickly found its niche between the high street and high fashion. I...Show More
Freedom To Exist

30:00 | Dec 6th, 2017

Kirsty Whyte and Paul Tanner had more than 25 years of experience in the design world, working in Habitat and Made.com, before deciding to start their own business. In 2015 they launched the minimalist vintage inspired watch brand, Freedom To Exist a...Show More
Eureka 75: Far and Wide Collective

07:44 | Dec 1st, 2017

A former officer in the Danish army reserve, Hedvig Alexander founded Far and Wide Collective in 2013 with the goal of opening North American markets to artisans in developing countries.
More than a market

30:00 | Nov 29th, 2017

Gavin Eddy was working as a trader in the City before he decided to quit and buy some land in the countryside. He stumbled on the town of Frome and, captivated by the town’s vibrancy and identity, decided to invest in it. Today, he runs a destination...Show More
Eureka 74: AIPR

09:38 | Nov 24th, 2017

Australian-born Adam Iezzi founded AIPR in 2005. Today the company counts fashion brands such as JW Anderson and APC among its clients. Iezzi tells us how availability, communication and slow and steady growth have helped shape his company.
Opening doors

30:00 | Nov 22nd, 2017

Joni Steiner is the co-founder of Opendesk, a global online platform that facilitates the local production of furniture by connecting consumers to a library of designs and a host of nearby craftsmen. Originally trained as architects, the team behind ...Show More
Eureka 73: From finance to fine leather

10:05 | Nov 17th, 2017

Andrew Dale, a 30-year-old former banker from Toronto, founded his high-end leather-bag brand, LeDaveed, in 2016. He shares the story of how he left big finance in favour of independent fashion.
Moving on up

27:23 | Nov 15th, 2017

For this special edition we head to Lisbon for this year’s Web Summit. The Portuguese capital hosted entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and political leaders as part of the event’s largest edition yet. We hear from three very different mobility innovator...Show More
Eureka 72: Fabric of society

09:30 | Nov 10th, 2017

South African-born Bernie de Le Cuona founded her eponymous fabric brand in London in 1992. This week she tells us how an inspirational trip to India led to the beginnings of her business.
From the ground up

30:00 | Nov 8th, 2017

John Hitchcox co-founded property-development company Yoo in 1999, along with maverick designer Philippe Starck; since then design-minded hotels and residences have sprung up in more than 30 countries worldwide. Hitchcox tells us about founding the f...Show More
Bigger picture

30:00 | Nov 1st, 2017

Philip Knatchbull has always been surrounded by film: his father was one of the UK’s pre-eminent producers, behind such features as “Murder on the Orient Express” and “A Passage to India”. Today Philip is CEO of Curzon, the brand behind 21 cinemas ac...Show More
Eureka 71: George Bevis

09:58 | Oct 27th, 2017

George Bevis is founder and CEO of Tide, an innovative start-up on a mission to revolutionise banking for small businesses. This week he shares his journey.
How to create beautiful businesses

30:00 | Oct 25th, 2017

Alan Moore thinks that the business world needs a dose of beauty; not physical attractiveness but strong purpose and positive cultures, with products that are good to people and the planet. Here he urges entrepreneurs to rethink not just what they ma...Show More
Eureka 70: Taha Fezzani

08:06 | Oct 20th, 2017

London-based entrepreneur Taha Fezzani left a two-decade career in the oil industry to launch Zest and Zing, his brand of premium spices inspired by his childhood family holidays in Libya and travels around the world. Fezzani shares how he launched t...Show More
How to build a jewellery brand

30:00 | Oct 18th, 2017

Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey are the founders of Loquet, a London-based luxury jewellery label. Since launching the brand in 2013, the pair have attracted an army of loyal fans and are now stocked in more than 60 retailers around the world,...Show More
Universal Works

33:53 | Oct 11th, 2017

Before launching his influential British menswear label Universal Works, David Keyte’s career stretched from signwriter apprentice and coal miner to working with fashion designer Paul Smith. This week he shares his influences, top business tips and l...Show More
Eureka 68: Andrew Lynch

09:43 | Oct 6th, 2017

Huckletree co-founder Andrew Lynch shares the story of his fast-growing co-working start-up.
Mark Cho

30:00 | Oct 4th, 2017

Mark Cho is co-founder of The Armoury, a groundbreaking temple to classic menswear in Hong Kong, and co-owner of Drake’s, a highly respected UK company known for its beautiful neckties. Both brands have flourished under his watchful eye – so what les...Show More
Eureka 67: Maria Falbo

09:49 | Sep 29th, 2017

Maria Falbo tells the story of her “Made in Europe” lifestyle and leisurewear brand Copson London, inspired by skating and sun-kissed summers.
Five years of ‘Quartz’

30:00 | Sep 27th, 2017

Kevin Delaney is editor in chief of ‘Quartz’, a popular digital news outlet founded five years ago. Since then it has launched ‘Quartz India’ and ‘Quartz Africa’, made a pioneering mobile app and has just published its first book. So what’s the secre...Show More
Eureka 66: Breaking Barriers

11:18 | Sep 22nd, 2017

While completing a master’s degree in international development, Matt Powell realised that refugees in the UK had few employment resources helping them to integrate into society. He decided to launch Breaking Barriers, which works with corporate part...Show More
Health check

30:00 | Sep 20th, 2017

Is artificial intelligence the future of healthcare? We talk to Dr Claire Novorol, co-founder of Ada: an app designed by doctors and powered by AI that’s aiming to be your personal health companion when you’re unwell.
Eureka 65: Maya Njie

08:45 | Sep 15th, 2017

Inspired by her Swedish upbringing, west African heritage and vintage family photos, entrepreneur Maya Njie launched a niche independent perfume brand in east London. She tells us what lessons she’s sniffed out along the way.
Wide-awake start-ups

28:40 | Sep 13th, 2017

In a technology industry obsessed with artificial intelligence and augmented reality, one of the most exciting sectors involves foam and springs. Start-ups are shaking up the once-sleepy sector of making and selling mattresses. But with competition t...Show More
Eureka 64: Hummingbird

11:06 | Sep 8th, 2017

The story of how one UK-based team designed and built the Hummingbird: the lightest folding bike in the world.
Clean technology

28:01 | Sep 6th, 2017

Despite our growing eco-friendly credentials, humans still waste too much water. Malmo-based industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi has a solution: a futuristic shower designed by his clean-technology start-up Orbital Systems, which can reduce water u...Show More
Eureka 63: Jonathan Self

12:16 | Sep 1st, 2017

The story of Jonathan Self, co-founder of pioneering family-run start-up Honey’s Real Dog Food and author of the recently published book ‘Good Money: Become an Ethical Entrepreneur’.
Good fit

30:00 | Aug 30th, 2017

Ben Farren is the founder and CEO of Spoke, a menswear brand obsessed with clothes built for fit. It sells just two styles – chinos and shorts – but in a huge range sizes. The products are sold online, directly to the customer. But what are the promi...Show More
Eureka 62: Abe Burmeister

10:20 | Aug 25th, 2017

Abe Burmeister is co-founder of the New York-based clothing brand Outlier. Abe was once a freelance graphic designer looking for a better pair of pants. When he couldn’t find any he decided to make them himself. He and his co-founder now run a cult-f...Show More
Lessons learned

30:00 | Aug 23rd, 2017

We share top lessons learned from guests of ‘The Entrepreneurs’ in the first half of 2017.
Eureka 61: Zoe Partridge

12:37 | Aug 18th, 2017

Zoe Partridge is the founder of Wear The Walk, a new London start-up that allows users to rent curated pieces of fashion from an online library. Unlike its competitors it shuns big brands to feature only new and emerging designers. Partridge tells us...Show More
Eat plants, love life

30:00 | Aug 16th, 2017

Paul Brown is the founder of popular healthy-food start-up BOL Foods, whose bestselling products included meat and fish until the company relaunched this summer as a plant-based brand. So why the dramatic change in strategy? Will customers flock to t...Show More
Eureka 60: Rebekah Hall

11:17 | Aug 11th, 2017

London-based entrepreneur Rebekah Hall left a 10-year career in finance to create an organic cold-pressed juice brand called Botanic Lab. This week she tells us how her company competes in a saturated market of health-conscious consumers.
Crowdfunded future

30:00 | Aug 9th, 2017

Antonio Weiss and Matt Brown are the founders of Thomas Clipper, a UK lifestyle brand that crowdfunds design-led products, such as sturdy double-edged razors and Italian-leather wash bags. The two have recently launched a line of French-made cologne ...Show More
Eureka 59: Brooks Reitz

13:24 | Aug 4th, 2017

Restaurateur Brooks Reitz is building an empire of award-winning eateries in Charleston, South Carolina – from the much-loved Leon’s Oyster Shop to Little Jack’s Tavern, recently named one of the ‘Best New Restaurants in America’ by ‘Bon Appétit’ mag...Show More
The Memo

30:00 | Aug 2nd, 2017

For newspapers and magazines, unpacking the complexities of technology stories can be difficult. As editor of ‘Tech City News’, London-based journalist Alex Wood realised that most media outlets did a bad job at writing technology articles for non-ex...Show More
Eureka 58: ‘Selvedge’

08:18 | Jul 28th, 2017

This week we tell the story of Polly Leonard, founder of the textile industry’s iconic magazine, ‘Selvedge’. What began as a one-off issue is now a cult brand with a dedicated following around the world. Leonard shares how she did it and what she’s l...Show More
Pocket Living

30:00 | Jul 26th, 2017

Marc Vlessing is the founder of Pocket Living, a London-based start-up that’s developed a solution to help priced-out young professionals onto the property ladder. Its product? Compact, well-designed homes sold for at least 20 per cent cheaper than t...Show More
Eureka 57: Station F

08:35 | Jul 21st, 2017

Station F is the world’s largest start-up campus. Opened weeks ago in Paris with an appearance by France’s president Emmanuel Macron and the project’s billionaire founder Xavier Niel, it’s located in an abandoned 1920s railway depot the size of the E...Show More
Do one thing well

30:00 | Jul 19th, 2017

Years ago former advertising copywriter David Hieatt left London with his family for the Welsh town of Cardigan, once home to the largest jeans factory in Britain. Since then, he and his wife Clare sold their popular T-shirt company Howies, built the...Show More
Eureka 56: Brianna Wettlaufer

12:58 | Jul 14th, 2017

Stocksy United is an artist-owned co-op that specialises in high-end curated stock photography. The Canadian startup was launched by entrepreneur Brianna Wettlaufer, who cut her teeth in the trade after rising through the ranks at the photography gia...Show More

27:14 | Jul 12th, 2017

Juniqe is a fast-growing Berlin-based start-up selling a curated selection of wall art and home accessories from independent artists; it’s one of a growing number of businesses attempting to disrupt the mass art market. Its co-founder Lea Lange tells...Show More
Eureka 55: Frame

08:45 | Jul 7th, 2017

Joan Murphy and Pip Black were working in advertising when they met on a surfing trip in 2007. A friendship soon turned into a business partnership when they launched their groundbreaking London-based fitness studio Frame, which has since developed a...Show More

30:00 | Jul 5th, 2017

From the rise of Mr Porter and Farfetch to the demise of Style.com, the e-commerce industry has experienced an eventful few years. This week we tell the tale of a new entry, an online marketplace called Bombinate. Founded by two friends following a r...Show More
Eureka 54: ‘Der Greif’

05:40 | Jun 30th, 2017

Simon Karlstetter and Claudio Ricci share the story of their Munich-based magazine ‘Der Greif’ and their new project Picter, a sharing tool for photographers.
Clear vision

30:00 | Jun 28th, 2017

There are 2.5 billion people with uncorrected vision problems. James Chen is a Hong Kong-based venture philanthropist and entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help the world see better – and he’s marshalling start-ups, government and non-profits to mak...Show More
Eureka 53: Unbound

11:48 | Jun 23rd, 2017

Unbound is a London-based start-up that’s revolutionising the publishing world, giving authors the tools to pitch, crowdfund and launch their own books. This week, Unbound’s co-founder and chief executive Dan Kieran shares the company’s story.

30:00 | Jun 21st, 2017

For frustrated singles searching for soulmates the old-fashioned way, technology start-ups have provided a more efficient method of finding love: dating apps. One fast-growing addition to the field is the Austin, Texas-based company Bumble, founded i...Show More
Eureka 52: Lyndon Cormack

10:53 | Jun 16th, 2017

This week we hear the story of Herschel Supply, the brand built by two Canadian brothers in 2009 that now sells millions of bags a year in more than 70 countries. Co-founder Lyndon Cormack tells us how the company grew so successfully.

30:00 | Jun 14th, 2017

Founded in 2010, WeWork has become a global co-working behemoth. Operating almost 200 offices around the world from Bogota to Berlin the company now has a staggering valuation of $17bn. Two years ago we featured WeWork’s co-founder, Miguel McKelvey, ...Show More
Eureka 51: Chris Kontos

07:50 | Jun 9th, 2017

Chris Kontos is an Athens-based photographer and DJ who focused his creative efforts with a friend in 2013 to launch a print magazine called ‘Kennedy’. Filled with gorgeous photo essays and profiles, Chris calls his passion-project a “biannual journa...Show More

30:00 | Jun 7th, 2017

Ajaz Ahmed founded the creative and design agency AKQA after dropping out of university in the mid-1990s to help brands take advantage of the burgeoning digital revolution. AKQA now has more than 2,000 employees across 21 studios around the world. Th...Show More
Eureka 50: John Wood

10:06 | Jun 2nd, 2017

On a trekking adventure through Nepal, John Wood noticed the lack of quality children’s books and learning materials. After returning home and quitting his executive job at Microsoft, he created Room to Read, one of the fastest growing non-profits in...Show More
In search of top talent

30:00 | May 31st, 2017

As big corporations hunt for entrepreneurial candidates with digital know-how, smaller start-ups search for experienced executives to help them scale. Executive search firm Gordon and Eden is on a mission to bridge the start-up-corporate divide. The ...Show More
Eureka 49: Seedrs

09:05 | May 26th, 2017

US entrepreneur Jeff Lynn is the co-founder and CEO of Seedrs, an equity-based crowdfunding service in London. Users can invest in start-ups on the platform – often for as little as £10 – and receive shares in return. It’s a way for start-ups to rais...Show More
Making sense of the world

30:00 | May 24th, 2017

Jan Chipchase is the founder of Studio D Radiodurans, a consultancy that’s perhaps like none other in the world. He and his team travel to the far edges of the earth on behalf of clients to immerse themselves in difficult environments and understand ...Show More
Eureka 48: Réard

07:43 | May 19th, 2017

In July 1946, a French automobile engineer turned fashion designer named Louis Réard invented a revealing two-piece swimsuit called the bikini. Réard created a company and made bikinis for decades until his death in the mid-1980s, when the brand went...Show More

30:00 | May 17th, 2017

In the world of high-end, long-lasting and much-loved furniture brands, Vitsœ is perhaps without rival. For more than 50 years, the company has manufactured and sold furniture designed by the legendary Dieter Rams. But how do you sustain a legacy of ...Show More
Eureka 47: Richard Reed

09:32 | May 12th, 2017

Richard Reed created the drinks brand Innocent with two university friends in 1999. Years later, after growing the company into a global phenomenon worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the three friends started JamJar Investments, with the goal of ...Show More

30:00 | May 10th, 2017

How do you launch a thriving print magazine in the digital age? Serena Guen is the founder and CEO of Suitcase Group, a multimedia brand best known for travel and fashion-inspired quarterly ‘Suitcase’ magazine. Guen launched Suitcase as a globetrotti...Show More
Eureka 46: Kwami Williams

07:47 | May 5th, 2017

Kwami Williams was raised in Ghana and studied aerospace engineering at MIT, where he worked with Nasa. On a trip back to his homeland he encountered the super-crop moringa. This launched him on an entrepreneurial journey that resulted in MoringaConn...Show More
Buster + Punch

30:00 | May 3rd, 2017

Massimo Buster Minale is the founder of cult-favourite interior design brand Buster + Punch. During a career working for top architecture and design firms, Minale built and sold custom motorcycles in an east London garage. His passion evolved into a ...Show More
Eureka 45: Luca Faloni

06:33 | Apr 28th, 2017

Turin-born Luca Faloni built a successful career as a strategy consultant in London and San Francisco. But it was while working on a project in the fashion industry that he saw an opportunity to start his own company. Faloni tells us why he quit his ...Show More
The Next Web

30:00 | Apr 26th, 2017

This week we profile The Next Web, a popular media brand based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2006, it runs one of the world’s most visited websites for technology news, operates a start-up hub and hosts an annual technology conference in Amsterdam. ...Show More
Eureka 44: Jeff Raider

10:49 | Apr 21st, 2017

In 2010 Jeff Raider co-founded the iconic brand Warby Parker, which has revolutionised the eyewear market and become a household name. He’s now the CEO of Harry’s, an innovative company that’s hoping to replicate the success of Warby Parker, this tim...Show More
Listen here!

30:30 | Apr 19th, 2017

Have you ever listened to an audiobook – that grandfather of the modern podcast, once defined by cassettes and CDs at your local bookshop? Now slick, digital and massively popular, audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry...Show More
Eureka 43: Urbanito

09:52 | Apr 14th, 2017

Simon and Elaine MacKenzie are the husband-and-wife team behind new family-friendly city-guide brand Urbanito. While travelling with their children the Scottish duo discovered a lack of smart and stylish travel guides that catered to curious kids as ...Show More

30:00 | Apr 12th, 2017

This week we meet Ben Saunders, one of the world’s most famous polar explorers. In 2004, he became the youngest person to ski solo to the North Pole and a decade later he completed the longest human-powered polar expedition in history: a 1,800-mile r...Show More
Eureka 42: Mehmet Ali

07:12 | Apr 7th, 2017

Menswear designer Mehmet Ali was once the creative director of the venerated Savile Row house Hardy Amies. But he’s now left all that behind to launch his own brand called MEHM+ which focuses on innovative design and a strong sense of provenance. So ...Show More
How to ace an interview

30:00 | Apr 5th, 2017

In a former life, Robin Roberts studied zoology, was an officer in the British army and spent two decades at an executive search firm. It was then that he saw qualified executives consistently mess up job interviews. Robin decided to launch a company...Show More
Eureka 41: Clover Lewis

07:45 | Mar 31st, 2017

Clover Lewis studied fashion design and worked as a costume assistant everywhere from opera houses to music tours. But it was after Clover experienced breast cancer that she was inspired to launch her own business – a stylish swimwear brand for women...Show More

30:00 | Mar 29th, 2017

Raoul Shah founded the powerhouse communications agency Exposure in 1993. He’s since pioneered the art of product placement and represented big-hitting clients from Nike and Converse to Coca-Cola and Uniqlo. He explains how PR has changed over the pa...Show More
Eureka 40: Floom

06:46 | Mar 24th, 2017

Lana Elie is the founder of Floom, a London start-up that allows some of the city’s best florists to sell beautiful bouquets through a slick online interface. She quit her job to launch Floom just over a year ago – she tells us how she did it.
Can you keep a secret?

27:51 | Mar 22nd, 2017

Fabien Riggall is the founder of Secret Cinema, a fast-growing company that organises complex large-scale productions of much-loved films, from ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ to ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, in which the audience and performance ...Show More
Eureka 39: Lapp

07:41 | Mar 17th, 2017

French entrepreneurs Laura Faeh and Cécilia Thomas share how they created their London-based lifestyle company Lapp – maker of the poptail: stylish ice pops made of fresh fruit and premium alcohol – and what they’ve learnt along the way.
Nailing it

30:00 | Mar 15th, 2017

Sharmadean Reid is the founder of London-based brand Wah Nails, which she started as a hip-hop magazine for girls while she was still at university. Reid has since built a business empire focused on nail art, with salons, products, pop-ups and a new ...Show More
Eureka 38: Spiritland

09:35 | Mar 10th, 2017

Paul Noble was Monocle 24’s original executive producer, helping to launch our radio station. Since leaving he's fulfilled a long-held dream to create a physical place in which to experience, enjoy and celebrate good music. It’s called Spiritland, a ...Show More
Second nature

30:00 | Mar 8th, 2017

The green revolution has made its mark in offices, with science supporting the idea that greenery boosts wellbeing, but gyms are yet to catch on. This week we meet Matt Aspiotis Morley – whose fitness brand Biofit uses natural materials, lots of plan...Show More
Eureka 37: Smart ideas

09:48 | Mar 3rd, 2017

Christian Lane’s foray into the world of entrepreneurship began with a folder for large documents, which he called the Foldio. He’s since gone on to make your kitchen a more connected place with his company Smarter, which introduced the world to the ...Show More
Perfect fit

30:00 | Mar 1st, 2017

Tom Adeyoola is on a mission to build his company into what he calls the “Google of size and shape” and he’s raised millions and hired 14 PhD holders to make it a reality. Metail is a London-based fashion-technology start-up that allows customers to ...Show More
Eureka 36: Shedding light on art

06:57 | Feb 24th, 2017

Harry Triggs and Andrew Molyneux met at university, studying industrial design. Triggs went on to be a lighting consultant and Andrew a product designer but in 2012 they combined forces to launch TM Lighting, helping clients to create the perfect lig...Show More
A cut above

30:00 | Feb 22nd, 2017

A few years ago Aron Gelbard realised that the way we send and receive flowers was pretty inefficient. It usually begins with searching the internet for florists and ends with a knock at the door when the receiver is not at home. Aron and his friend ...Show More
Eureka 35: Thom Sweeney

09:54 | Feb 17th, 2017

Luke Sweeney and Thom Whiddett got their start in menswear, working for the bespoke-tailoring icon Timothy Everest. In 2007 they set off on their own to create much-loved brand Thom Sweeney. On their 10-year anniversary they tell us how they did it.
Brewed force

30:00 | Feb 15th, 2017

In the mid-1990s Australia-born Jasper Cuppaidge ended up in London after missing his connecting flight while on a surfing trip. Years later and still in London, he founded one of the city’s most famous and beloved beer brands, Camden Town Brewery, w...Show More
Eureka 34: Grant Ashton

08:04 | Feb 10th, 2017

Ashton spent 30 years in global finance and banking, running trade floors and working as a partner at a hedge fund. But the entrepreneurial itch struck and it came in the form of a wine case. He's now the CEO of 67 Pall Mall, a members club for wine-...Show More
India’s new tech billionaires

29:00 | Feb 8th, 2017

Indian entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia has been building technology start-ups with his brother Divyank since they were teenagers, beginning with a business loan of a few hundred dollars from their father. The two have recently been catapulted into the w...Show More
Eureka 33: Vahan Hovhannisyan

07:23 | Feb 3rd, 2017

It’s an article of clothing that many people overlook but Vahan Hovhannisyan believes that socks are the world’s best conversation starter. Hovhannisyan is a co-founder of designer sock brand Look Mate, a company he brainstormed, built and launched w...Show More
Giving back

31:18 | Feb 1st, 2017

French entrepreneur Alexandre Mars founded one of Europe’s first-ever web agencies, one of the world’s largest mobile marketing agencies and sold his social-media management company to Blackberry – but he’s now on a mission to add a dose of efficienc...Show More
Eureka 32: PJ Harrison

09:19 | Jan 27th, 2017

This is the story of PJ Harrison, an Englishman in Los Angeles who left behind a career in the creative industries to launch a football club, City of Angels FC, with his friend: the musician and entrepreneur Joe Sumner. Harrison explains how he got i...Show More

30:00 | Jan 25th, 2017

The global watch industry is going through tough times but amid the hand-wringing and alarmism you may have missed a more optimistic story: small independent brands are actually going through a renaissance. This week we focus on the journey of four L...Show More
Eureka 31: Emma Wingfield

08:27 | Jan 20th, 2017

This week we hear the story of Emma Wingfield, a Brooklyn-based researcher, expert on West African art and co-founder of textile brand Five | Six. Along with her co-founder Laine Henry, the two collaborate with the weaving collective in Waraniéné, Cô...Show More

30:00 | Jan 18th, 2017

Imagine founding and running a company for 30 years before losing it to forces largely out of your control. After licking your wounds, what do you do next? We ask Roger Saul, founder of iconic UK luxury brand Mulberry. His career move involved a luxu...