The honor walk

13:34 | Feb 12th

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A new ritual called an honor walk is bringing solace to families who’ve lost a loved one and consented to have organs donated. Hospitals are organizing these walks as a way to honor the gift of life t...Show More


write2tg recommended:Mar 4th

What a beautiful story about the joy of giving even when surrounded by the sorrow of one’s passing...Organ donation changes lives and leaves a legacy that’s beyond anything else. This episode is emotional and impactful all in 15 minutes. We should consider implementing the honour walk in every h...Show More

rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 15th


aliceko recommended:Feb 13th

The most beautiful example of how audio is the perfect medium to portray emotion and an incredibly moving story. And this episode is LESS than 15 minutes long, my god. Follow the journey of a family who's son is an organ donor? Just try not to shed tears. 😭 Every single hospital should implement th...Show More

alicekoFeb 13th

I just saw that this podcast, Reveal, is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and has won many journalism awards. It's easy to see why.

serena recommended:Feb 13th

@aliceko beautiful, heart wrenching and I think you'll appreciate the role of music in this.

alicekoFeb 13th

😭 This was so good

jctrevino recommended:Feb 12th

Wow. I can’t recall another podcast episode ever that pulled at my heart strings as much as this one. And yes, a few years were shed.

alicekoFeb 13th

@jctrevino This is one of the most touching episodes I've ever listened to. Really gives you perspective. And it's less than 15 minutes long! Thank you SO much for sharing.

jctrevinoFeb 13th

@aliceko my pleasure!


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