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This was a heartbreaking week with the horrifically violent and deadly attacks against Asians in America. We want to take a moment to pay tribute to the victims of the Atlanta shootings, and to Pak Ho and Vicha Ratanapakdee who died of attacks while on their walks. However, to be respectful of the Atlanta victims and their families, we will follow the protocol suggested by the Atlanta chapter of the Asian American Advancing to hold off sharing the names of the victims until their families have provided full consent to do so.

With the rise of anti-Asian racism, we’ve put together a podcast playlist we hope will help bring awareness to anti-Asian racism. In the playlist, you’ll find episodes on the many histories of anti-Asian racism, the sexual festishization of Asian women, the model minority myth, and what it means to be Asian American.

Learn about anti-Asian racism and violence with this podcast playlist:

Understanding Anti-Asian Racism

21 episodes

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Understand the Atlanta shootings in the context of anti-Asian violence and racism.

The history of the fetishization of Asian women, and why it’s so dangerous.

Unpack the model minority myth and its roots in white supremacy.

More than 40 percent of nail salon technicians in the US are Vietnamese women. These are their stories.

A powerful conversation with Asian American novelist Ocean Vuong about immigration, violence, language, love, and beauty.

Join the National Geographic team in the Himalaya as they search for the elusive snow leopard.

Why this jpeg sold for $69 million. Unpacking the NFT craze.

Why millions of people tune in to watch strangers gorge junk food everyday — understand the mukbang phenomenon.

A new podcast series chronicling the history of reality TV.

E1: An American Family

E1: An American Family

Spectacle: An Unscripted History of Reality TV

43:05 | Feb 10th

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The shocking mystery of an unclaimed lotto ticket worth $16.5 million.

Weight Watchers has rebranded as WW, but it turns out the company has been in financial trouble for decades.

Stay on top of the news with this playlist of the best news podcasts:

Best News Podcasts

10 podcasts

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✨ Podcast Partner Spotlight: Project Voice

Hosted by Jessica Nguyen, the Project Voice podcast is an online community space that brings the voices of womxn and nonbinary folkx of the Asian diaspora to the forefront. You’ll find conversations about topics such as intergenerational trauma, south asian stereotypes, interracial dating, Asian beauty standards, and much more.

Project Voice

Jessica Nguyen


👉 Featured Episode: A conversation with Jenn Fang, author of Reappropriate, one of the first Asian American Pacific Islander blogs. Jenn provides insights on Asian-American activism, the importance of intersectionality, and how she has seen this online activist community change over her 20 years as a blogger.