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Podyssey Picks (Aug 23): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community! Going on an end-of-summer trip and need some good podcasts for the road? Check out our Deep Dive featuring 13 bingeable true crime podcasts.

Ta-dum! Netflix’s iconic sound logo only lasts a second, but took forever to make.

phocks recommended:Aug 19th

It took how long to make the Netflix sound?????? Also I didn't know they actually have 2 sounds!

#100 | Ta-dum! It's Netflix

by Twenty Thousand Hertz

The Chinese written language almost disappeared because of the computer. Hear why.

phocks recommended:Aug 15th

Go into a Starbucks in China and everyone will be typing using a different keyboard system. Find out why in this episode. Fascinating stuff.

The Wubi Effect

by Radiolab

99% Invisible alumna Avery Trufleman is back as the host of The Cut. She asks: Can you be optimistic in the time of crisis?

A family of eight is murdered all at once execution style in a sleepy town in Ohio. Why?

A 26 year-old aspiring Playboy Playmate disappears after a night out in town. Police soon found her brutally murdered.

An open water swimmer meets her fate when two sharks encircle her in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

podyoda recommended:Aug 17th

Fascinating storytelling

Swimming with Sharks

by Choiceology with Dan Heath

This is why some people think the moon landing was a hoax. Joe Rogan is one of the skeptics.

podcastplaylist recommended:Aug 17th

Some studies report that up to 20% of Americans believe the moon landing was fake. Andrew Marantz explores the value of skepticism, and the point at which disbelief leads to a totalitarian breakdown.

Watching the Moon Landing

by The New Yorker Radio Hour

Dive deep into conspiracy theories with this podcast playlist:

What should you do about that friend who keeps nagging you to join their Multi-Level Marketing scheme? Two comedians give advice.

Miley Cyrus tells all about her bisexuality, why she loves lists and logic, her favorite sex position, and why you shouldn’t hang chandeliers over your bed.

A hopeless romantic tries to fall in love, but ends up with hilarious failed love stories instead.

jend recommended:Aug 19th

This guy is hilarious

The Cat and the Whippet

by Love Me

Enjoy the rest of the summer filled with love with this podcast playlist from CBC Podcasts:

Perfect podcasts for all kinds of summer lovin'

6 episodes

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✨ Podcast Partner Spotlight: Talk Money

Planet Money fan? Then you’ll love Talk Money too. Discover the truth behind money and business with this story-driven podcast. Business literacy should be a right.

Talk Money with Mesh Lakhani

Lola Media


👉 Episode Highlight: Black entrepreneurs face systemic racism every step of the way in building their business. Hear three inspiring stories: