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Podyssey Picks (Sep 6): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community! Also, get ready for back-to-school mode with our Deep Dive featuring 12 interviews that’ll make you smarter. Lastly, we’re excited to share with you a fun bonus bingo for podcast lovers this week. Enjoy!

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Why doesn’t plastic dry in the dishwasher? Two nerdy comedians find out.

Will Ferrell admits he sucked at being a bank teller and spills the (very funny) beans on how he disciplines his kids.

olofl recommended:Aug 30th

Love BoJack Horseman so of course I love Will Arnett and together here with Will Ferrell is magic.

“Will Ferrell”

by SmartLess

Are DNA testing kits a total scam? Plus, your employer cannot test your DNA because of a legal case involving office poop.

tvidatko recommended:Sep 2nd

I always wondered how much of a scam these kits are 👀

DNA Kits: Can You Trust Them?

by Science Vs

DNA has also been key to unlocking many true crimes, including malicious sperm donations. Check out this playlist to hear how:

Podcasts on Genes and Sperm Donations

7 episodes

Curated by:mm

If your best friend turns out to be a brutal murderer, how will you react?

A group of pioneers trekking to Californias in the 1800’s were forced into cannibalism to survive winter. Did they make it?

ezra-finch recommended:Sep 2nd

I'd been familiar with the general story of the Donner Party - the group of pioneers who were stranded in the mountains trying to get to California, and were ultimately forced to resort to cannibalism to survive the winter - before listening, but learned so many key details and stories from this ep....Show More

The Donner Party, Part 1

by The Morbid Curiosity Podcast

Before this woman, there were no new fruits like kiwis or guavas in American grocers for almost a century. Learn how she transformed the produce aisle:

rmmiller364 recommended:Aug 23rd

It’s the 1950s and not a single new fruit has been introduced to US markets in 90 years (since the introduction of the banana). Meet the woman who took the unmarketable Chinese gooseberry and turned it into the kiwi we all know and love. She went on to singlehandedly transform the US produce aisle, ...Show More

Meet the Queen of Kiwi: the 96-Year-Old Woman Who Transformed America’s Produce Aisle

by Gastropod

Love true crime and food? Check out this foodie true crime playlist:

Foodie True Crime

7 episodes

Curated by:epekilis

You’ll be guaranteed to laugh and cry after hearing these three stories of rule-breakers.

oiamandina recommended:Aug 22nd

A fascinating and timely collection of stories that will put you face to face with 3 big questions. How do humans respond to inequality? What is fairness? And perhaps the most intriguing question, How do you win?

713: Made to Be Broken

by This American Life

A comedic duo reads hilarious one-star reviews about cigar shops in Cuba.

Speaking of reviews, this beloved five-star review podcast is officially going off air.

nunya recommended:Aug 29th

So sad to see it go! I loved having a time to reflect on something new in this lovely format.

The Anthropocene Reviewed, Reviewed

by The Anthropocene Reviewed

Did you know? The US military recruits from video games, including from a smash-hit game they created.

phocks recommended:Aug 25th

Makes sense that the military would be on Twitch but it still creeps me out

Call of Duty

by Reset

Last week was the anniversary of the horrific Hurricane Katrina disaster. Remember and learn with The Atlantic’s miniseries examining one of the most misunderstood events in American history.

phyllisgoode recommended:Jun 27th

This podcast is amazing and really breaks down what went wrong in Hurricane Katrina, and how the governments reaction exacerbated the crisis. It exposes racial tensions that shaped the response - from reports of looting and wide spread rape - that the media and police irresponsibly ran with.


by Floodlines

✨ Podcast Partner Spotlight: IBM Z DevOps Talks

In tech? Curious about mainframes? Then you want to listen to IBM’s DevOps podcast featuring interviews with DevOps veterans from HP, RedHat, and more.

Z DevOps Talks

Z DevOps Talks


John Willis, a pioneer of DevOps, argues that the future of DevOps includes the mainframe -- yes, the computer that IBM has been making since the 50’s and still powers our banking system and many transactions in our daily lives today!