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Podyssey Picks (Jan 17): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community. From an interview with the CEO of Parler, the app that helped incite the US Capitol riots, to a look at how coffee addiction and withdrawal affects the brain, there’s lots to discover this week! We’re also excited to spotlight our podcast sponsor, The Apology Line, a new series from Wondery about a social experiment that consumes its creator, taking him to dark places he never imagined — including trying to stop a serial killer.

An interview with the CEO of Parler, the app booted from Apple, Amazon, and Google for helping incite the capitol riots.

rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 10th

Fascinating interview with the CEO of Parler (this was recorded before Apple and Google removed it from their app stores). Kara Swisher is a really tough interviewer!

If You Were on This App, You Saw the Mob Coming

by Sway

What happens when one serial killer threatens to kill more victims if another serial killer doesn't stop murdering?

Sponsored episode by Crimes & Consequences podcast

How to overcome all-or-nothing thinking with imperfect action coach Emma Norris.

Sponsored episode by A Girl in Progress podcast

Are there millions of different versions of you existing in alternate universes?

mm recommended:Jan 8th

I've been obsessed with anything quantum lately so this episode about quantum mechanics and how potentially supports the theory that there are multiple universes was very exciting. Love that this pod isn't just about the science, but also what it means socially. + it's very accessible!

Enter The Alternate Timeline (SEASON FINALE!)

by Flash Forward

How to form a habit and make it stick.

lesly recommended:Jan 6th

Listen to this ep with the God Father of habit formation BJ Fogg. Habit formation at its core requires a few prerequisites: motivation, ability, cue, reward. BJ explains quite simply how we should view habits as enjoyable rather than a chore and in doing so, allows for the continuation of any desire...Show More

Trying To Form A Habit? Start Small

by Life Kit: Health

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Thoughts from a Page Podcast: Listen to authors dish about their latest books and publishing journey, what they find important, and what they're reading.

Thoughts from a Page Podcast



Forever Has Fallen Podcast: Humanity's hope for immortality is running for his life. Join the hunt.

Forever Has Fallen

FHF Studios


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What can be done to break up Big Tech’s power?

danny recommended:Jan 8th

"Can we have a democracy if everyone in it works for Facebook, Google, or Amazon? No, so we do need a tradeoff between efficiency and democracy" Never heard that explanation for the need to take big tech seriously, but great point.

Francis Fukuyama’s Proposal to Rein In Big Tech

by Capitalisn't

Stacey Abrams on dreaming big and being “too ambitious.”

yesitsamerica recommended:Jan 10th

This episode was just: 🤩🤯🙌🏼 HIGHLIGHTS 👏🏼 Your past does not define you: “Challenges and stumbles I may have faced do not invalidate me” - S.A. 🏆 When setting your goals: The only way that you should set the parameters for your goals: be ambitious 1. Know what you want 2. Know why you...Show More

Bonus Episode: Stacey Abrams

by TED Radio Hour

Check out our playlist for exciting new podcasts to try this month.

New & Notable Podcasts January 2021

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This is what caffeine addiction and withdrawal does to your brain.

benakimbo recommended:Jan 12th

For coffee lovers and the curious, Michael Pollan talks about his new audiobook and his experience giving up caffeine. May sound as pedestrian as, well, a cup of Joe, but Pollan is always engaging and informative on any topic, and this caffeine addict definitely caught a buzz from the conversation....Show More

Michael Pollan Explains Caffeine Addiction & Withdrawal

by Fresh Air

The serial killer who made weepy calls to 911.

Can we be made to believe false memories?

Hamilton-creator Lin-Manuel Miranda shares the music that shaped him.

aliceko recommended:Jan 10th

As if I couldn't love Lin-Manuel Miranda anymore...this only validates. I've always been drawn to how he thinks and writes about time in his work... now I understand why :)

Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer & lyricist

by Desert Island Discs

What the attack on the US capitol means to the future of democracy.

Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol

4 episodes

A look into Jessica Simpson’s surprisingly intimate and moving memoir.

sofborne recommended:Jan 12th

I'm loving this Jessica Simpson series — someone I was very very wrong about!

Quarantine Deep Dive: Jessica Simpson’s “Open Book” (Week 1)

by You're Wrong About

⭐ Podcast Partner Spotlight: The Apology Line (Sponsored)

Anonymous callers left thousands of apologies on Allan Bridge’s Apology Line, confessing everything from infidelity to murder. But calls from a serial killer take its creator down a dangerous path. Listen to the trailer:

The Apology Line


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👉 Featured Episode: A social experiment consumes its creator, taking him to dark places he never imagined — including trying to stop a serial killer.