Jungle Prince

Chapter 1: The Railway Station

31:03 | Dec 23rd, 2019

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The story passed for years from tea sellers to rickshaw drivers to shopkeepers in Old Delhi. In a forest, they said, in a palace cut off from the city, lived a prince, a princess and a queen, said to ...Show More


pwitham recommended:Apr 9th, 2020

Fascinating story of the lengths people will go to for what they believe in.

mprApr 9th, 2020

@pwitham fantastic images and more context on the NYT website.

mmApr 10th, 2020

@mpr @pwitham Is if weird that I can’t get over how regal the family looks? Especially that photo of the brother and sister with the dog when they were all youngish!

pwithamApr 10th, 2020

@mm @mpr no I don’t think it’s weird, the interesting part is that they look exactly like you think displaced royalty would look.

pwithamApr 10th, 2020

I mean’t to add that I find the building to be the kind of place you’d love to just explore and see what’s there, I feel like it’s an extra character to the story.

mmApr 11th, 2020

@pwitham So effortless too even when they’re wearing regular clothes like that full jeans getup Sirus was in. He seemed to have gone out pretty regularly by bike. I wonder where he went and what he did and who he hung out with if anyone... I was also surprised at the amount of stuff they had in som...Show More

mpr recommended:Apr 8th, 2020

Totally in intriguing and atmospheric.

rmmiller364 recommended:Apr 9th, 2020

The NY Times article about this family was WILD, so I am so glad there is a podcast too. Hearing the interviews really enriches the story. Seriously, if stories about reclusive people in crumbling palaces, holding on to claims of royalty, is your thing, listen to this nooooow

dannyApr 9th, 2020

@rmmiller364 lol. That's a very specific thing.

rmmiller364Apr 9th, 2020

@danny haha, it’s TOTALLY my thing

mmApr 11th, 2020

@rmmiller364 Are there any other pods about reclusive people holding onto claims of royalty?!? 😱

rmmiller364Apr 11th, 2020

@mm not that I know of, but I would listen the crap out of them if there were!

mmApr 11th, 2020

@rmmiller364 Darn! I know Wondery just released a mini series "From Diana to Meghan" called "Even the Rich" that they just released: https://podyssey.fm/podcast/itunes1500477470-Even-the-Rich

jhawthorne recommended:Apr 13th, 2020

Perfect nytimes magazine feature to bring to life. Touching and intriguing story that feels right in audio

serena recommended:Apr 15th, 2020

@aliceko this was a riveting three-part episode!

serenaSep 4th, 2020


shreyaismsSep 4th, 2020

@serena I'm nearly done with the first episode and I'm addicted! I'm not even listening on 1.35 😂 it's so interesting and the production is amazing

shreyaismsSep 4th, 2020

@serena SPOILER ALERT! The partition is a topic so close to my heart. This really hit home for me. I cried when the final reveal happened. I remember reading the first 3 chapters of India After Gandhi by Guha, which talks about the lack of numbers surrounding the partition. To hear a standalo...Show More

epekilis recommended:Apr 26th, 2020

Excellent, compelling reporting. It starts off as a great story, almost quasi-Victorian. Anybody else see echoes of Miss Havisham in the splendid ruins? But it also operated at a much deeper level about the ripple effects of Partition down generations left to deal with internalized trauma with ina...Show More

mmApr 26th, 2020

Chatted with @jhawthorne @brendalouisek @danny @molinos on this. Wanted to tag them to see if they had anything to add!

mmApr 26th, 2020

@epekilis What are your thoughts on the kissing

rmmiller364Apr 26th, 2020

@epekilis yes to Miss Havisham reference! Overall, it had that haunted Gothic novel feel that I love to find in a story.... except it was non-fiction!

epekilisApr 27th, 2020

@mm Oh, I did have a reaction to it when I heard it. His heart went pit-a-pat, Sophia Loren. Sigh. My first thought was about journalistic ethics. I actually don’t know a lot about formal journalistic ethics. All I could think was, “Oh, he’s too involved, and she should be really careful about ...Show More

mmApr 27th, 2020

***SPOILER ALERT*** @epekilis I was so scandalized haha! But at the same time, she didn't call! I think others felt similar to you. @molinos also pointed out that there was a problematic dynamic between the mother and the two kids that could have been further explored. Her controlling of thei...Show More

epekilisApr 27th, 2020

@mm *** FURTHER SPOILER ALERT **** The psychological aspects of it really made me think. That’s why I described it as ripple effects. The children were inexorably warped by the mother; but the mother was also in turn bent out of shape by a) partition and b) the way she was treated with viol...Show More

mmMay 4th, 2020

@epekilis ****SPOILER ALERT **** Yup, generational trauma is very real and can box us in mentally without us even recognizing or even needing to experience the trauma. I think future generations will definitely feel the trauma of COVID-19. There could be a whole podcast about the mom like @br...Show More

mmMay 4th, 2020

@write2tg Here's the thread I mentioned about @epekilis and I chatting about The Jungle Prince. Would love to hear what you wanted to chat about!

mijustin recommended:Apr 27th, 2020

Wow! What a ride. Thanks for this recommendation Podyssey community!

write2tg recommended:Apr 27th, 2020

A tale of lost and buried emotions that find their way out into the open. Gripping!

phocks recommended:May 1st, 2020

Good story.

mm recommended:Apr 7th, 2020

HOLY $!?&@!!!! How did I only listen to this podcast mini-series now? Incredible story. A+++ journalism. For those who haven’t listened, it’s about a royal family who claims land in India because they say their land got stripped away from them, and they end up living in a palace in a forest. This i...Show More

rmmiller364Apr 7th, 2020

@mm oh! Glad to see there’s a podcast about this. There was an amazing long-form article in The NY Times and it was WILD

mmApr 7th, 2020

@rmmiller364 The podcast is wilder because you get to hear the prince's voice! It's a mini series of 3 parts that they just turned into a separate feed.

rmmiller364Apr 7th, 2020

@mm ah! Can’t wait to listen!

olivierApr 8th, 2020

@mm it was on nyt the daily a few months ago. I truly enjoyed it. So mysterious.

mmApr 8th, 2020

@olivier Have you seen photos? The brother and sister and even the dogs are so handsome. No wonder they’re prince and princesses.

dannyApr 8th, 2020

@mm @rmmiller364 @olivier yay! I loved it too :) Got some S-town vibes from it.

mmJul 13th, 2020

Jungle Prince update: Actual formers Indian royals just got back property in a significant shrine in Kerala: https://twitter.com/i/events/1282688842978308098 cc @pwitham @mpr @rmmiller364 @jhawthorne @serena @epekilis @mijustin @write2tg @phocks @molinos @podplace @aliceko @iso_squared @brendaloui...Show More

write2tgJul 13th, 2020

@mm Ah! Heard about this royal family from down South in India. Will definitely read the details! Thanks for sharing.

mmJul 13th, 2020

@write2tg You’re welcome! They need a pod. There needs to be a whole podcast chronicling former royals in India. So fascinating!

pwithamJul 15th, 2020

@mm How cool is this? Finally, determination pays off.