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Leigh Eldridge


I love podcasts about true crime, cults, scams, and history, with a healthy smattering of comedy in between. Skadi Stormbringer on Dungeon Punks | Co-founder - Podcasts of Doom | She/her



History podcaster and enthusiastic listener! I try to find something new and great every week

Nicole Richwine


Gimme "news in slow..." stuff. Book, TV, music , and movie podcasts work too

Stuart Popp


It me! Your Dungeon Master and Everyone's Podcast Dad™!



I like podcasts. I make podcasts. (Producer for Dungeon Punks)



Another soul thirsty for knowledge.

Daniel Mathews


Co-founder of this app. Love learning new things. Reply all + revisionist history is my jam atm.



🎧 Editor & Co-founder of Podyssey. Vancouver Podcast Brunch Club lead. Will binge on white collar true crime, investigative journalism & musical podcasts. Also tech, business, journalism & democracy podcasts. ❤️ audio dramas lately.



Formerly finance • Marketing entrepreneur • Vancouver, NYC & Medellín • I listen to podcasts about health, longevity, news, Hamilton, startups, business & how to become a better person. My newsletter > IG @thisisaliceko