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Podyssey Picks (Aug 30): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community! In case you missed it, check out 8 Stories of Kindness to inspire you to get in the mood to give back.

An African American cop infiltrates the KKK. Enter the real story of the BlacKkKlansman.

olivier recommended:Aug 27th

Amazing! The true story behind the African American who infiltrated the KKK

The Real Black Klansman

by True Spies

The first and only podcast librarian in the world can help you discover your next fave podcast.

epekilis recommended:Aug 13th

I want this job!

“I’m a podcast librarian.”

by Weird Work

From cults to extremists — learn why people convert and the science behind it.

michelle_ebooks recommended:Aug 21st

really surprising love this podcast and the interviews ana marie cox conducts with amazing people. this is the start of a THEMED season called converts, all about why and how people come to believe what they believe or change their beliefs. we all change our minds about stuff but BIG changes and con...Show More

Why (Most) People Don’t Convert

by With Friends Like These

The search for life’s answers brought the host of Radiolab to an unexpected teacher: Dolly Parton.

phocks recommended:Jun 26th

This was really informative and inspirational.

The Third. A TED Talk.

by Radiolab

This restaurant is a dream workshop with only one thing on its menu: a bowl of delicious ramen.

jennx recommended:Aug 27th

I freaking love this 🥺 I’ve seen the video on YouTube about this ramen shop

“I make ramen that helps people find their dreams.”

by Weird Work

Three boys found a mysterious barrel in the woods with a foul stench. If they dared to open it, they would have discovered two decomposing bodies inside...

jilliankuzma recommended:Jul 26th, 2019

In 1984, two unidentified bodies were found in the woods of New Hampshire. Sixteen years later, two more were found. All were victims of the same killer. Bear Brook explores the 35-year-long investigation by police and citizen sleuths, the new techniques that led to a major break in the case, and th...Show More

EP 1: Hide and Seek

by Bear Brook

With the autumn season sweeping in, check out a podcast playlist on spooky listens for fall:

Spooky Listens for Fall

12 episodes

Curated by:alishiamarie

Need a good laugh? Join two comedians talking about gross habits and which celebrities that'd invite on a guys’ trip.

If you ever feel lonely, there’s a bizarre service in Japan that allows you to rent friends and family.

olivier recommended:Aug 27th

This episode (and this whole podcast series) is so worth a listen. Really loved the idea of hiring a Japanese friend to explore the city.

The Incredibly True Story of Renting a Friend in Tokyo

by Travel Tales by AFAR

When two sisters vanished into thin air, they left behind a mystery that haunted their family for twenty years.

A beloved filmmaker scammed his community in a $28 million Ponzi scheme.

mm recommended:Aug 22nd

A beloved town storyteller scams his neighbours and friends out of millions for a movie. Crazy Ponzi scheme and crazier thinking about how he planned to pay back all the victims 😱

Million Dollar Movie Ponzi Scheme, Part 1

by The Perfect Scam

There are countless ways to say sorry in Japanese, but Japan’s apologies to American prisoners of WWII were never accepted...until a housewife intervened.

write2tg recommended:Aug 14th

Is there a model or framework for an apology? What makes an apology sincere and heartfelt? What is the role of words and language in constructing an apology? An interesting story of the first ever apology from a Japanese delegation to the American Prisoners of War.

The Apology Broker

by Rough Translation

Learn how to apologize and it matters with this podcast playlist:

✨ Podcast Partner Spotlight: BLDG EVELYN

BLDG EVELYN, is a narrated drama podcast inspired by true events. Evelyn Munoz is forced to navigate life with her family in Brazil — struggling with domestic violence, substance abuse, and rebellion.


Jackie Pesal


Meet Evelyn and her family in Chapter One: