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submissions editor @ radio drama revival



History podcaster and enthusiastic listener! I try to find something new and great every week

Nicole-Corine Lenhart


Fan of fictional podcasts. Also of podcast about tea.



Just a podcast listener from Canada, mainly focusing on true crime and audio dramas. 😁 @ChristineElleCa on twitter

Davis Walden


Creator of The Viridian Wild and voice of Sebastian. Voice of Mordred on Callsigns. A museum geek with a love for literature, history, science, and mythology (the spookier the better!)

Ned Donovan


Cast member on Encounter Party! β€’ Co-Host of At the Table: A Play Reading Series β€’ Producer of Living in Fantasy β€’ Former Producer of Millennial β€’ Co-Founder of Charging Moose Media β€’ He/Him β€’ NYC Creator

Sean Howard of Fable and Folly


Co-creator of Alba Salix, Royal Physician, The Axe and Crown, The End of Time and Other Bothers and Civilized.



Cozy podcast & audiodrama connoisseur. Can be found on IG and Twitter as @moiramaranski

Tina Daniels


Cupcake aficionado, cat mom, and occasional voice actor.

John Mierau


11+ years of serial fiction & short stories. Strong characters & big ideas. Space opera, alternative history, near-future thrillers, genre-smashing narrations & audiodrama. Written, narrated & produced by John Mierau, guest writers & voices.



I listen to podcasts almost constantly and now I can scream to the world about how much I love them!

Dallas Wheatley


they/them & e/em/eir VA, singer, podcaster, social justice ranger Showrunner for Fireside Folktales, creator of The Soap Opera Pod, owner of Shire Suds, and player for the Dice Fiends



🎧 Editor & Co-founder of Podyssey. Vancouver Podcast Brunch Club lead. Will binge on white collar true crime, investigative journalism & musical podcasts. Also tech, business, journalism & democracy podcasts. ❀️ audio dramas lately.

Daniel Mathews


Co-founder of this app. Love learning new things. πŸŒ… Vancouver, Canada