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Dallas Wheatley


they/them & e/em/eir VA, singer, podcaster, social justice ranger Showrunner for Fireside Folktales, creator of The Soap Opera Pod, owner of Shire Suds, and player for the Dice Fiends

Episode Recommendations (14)

swheatpodcasts recommended:Feb 15th

Internal monologues of self-deprivation, depression, anxiety, and executive dysfunction take front stage in this opening episode of VALENCE and I couldn't ask for a better character to love and hate than Liam

1.1: Pros and Cons


swheatpodcasts recommended:Feb 15th

We finally meet the iconic chaos boy, Nico, and hear exactly how flustered he makes Liam, out resident Disaster Bi

1.3: Razzle Dazzle


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