The 15 Best Podcasts About Art

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Art lovers unite! Enjoy art beyond the stark white walls of art galleries by listening to podcasts about art wherever you please. Go behind the scenes to get to know upcoming and famous artists and their work or listen to what they listen to while they work. Ponder the meaning of minimalism with curators at the MoMA or investigate a half billion dollar art heist at the Gardner museum with The Boston Globe. Already an art nerd? Then get the latest gossip about what’s happening in the art world or discover the absurd corners of art history with the ArtCurious podcast.

With the help of recommendations from Podyssey’s community of podcast and art lovers, we’ve curated a list of the best art podcasts of 2020 and 2021. So don’t just admire art with your eyes, try these top art podcasts and enjoy art with your ears too!

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Best Podcasts About Art

15 podcasts

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1) ArtCurious Podcast

Hosted by Jennifer Dasal, the ArtCurious podcast will answer all your burning questions you didn’t know you had about art history. Told in an engaging narrative style, Jennifer fills us in on her fascinating art history investigations like Hitler’s failed art career and whether Van Gogh actually killed himself. With the top notch research featured in this pod, it’s no wonder why ArtCurious is one of the best art history podcasts of all time.

ArtCurious Podcast

Jennifer Dasal/Art Curious

+18 FANS

2) Last Seen – Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art Heist Podcast

In 1990, thirteen valuable artworks worth half a billion dollars were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, but no one knows who the thieves are to this day. In this gripping mini series, WBUR and The Boston Globe gets down to the bottom of this unsolved art heist. Peel back the mystery of this artsy cold case one interview and clue at a time in this art thief podcast.

Last Seen

WBUR & The Boston Globe

+50 FANS

3) A Piece of Work – MoMA Podcast with Abbi Jacobson

Walking through an art museum could be intimidating for the uninitiated, but comedian Abbi Jacobson’s podcast for the MoMA makes visiting the famous New York art museum accessible and fun. She talks to the museum’s curators, artists, and her famous culturally-savvy friends (hello RuPaul!) as they stroll through the gallery together. Topics they discuss vary from Andy Warhol’s art of self-promotion to what minimalist art is actually all about.

A Piece of Work

WNYC Studios

+45 FANS

4) Art Juice Podcast

Let your creative juices flow with the Art Juice Podcast hosted by two artists and good friends, Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher. They chat about everything from whether making art is selfish to tips on building an art business. Alice and Louise also regularly bring in a special guest from the art world to expand on their artsy contemplations of the week. Whether you’re an art lover or a practicing artist, you’ll find it refreshing to hear their honest and funny conversations on what it’s really like being in the art world.

Art Juice: A podcast for artists, creatives and art lovers

Louise Fletcher/Alice Sheridan


5) The Modern Art Notes Podcast with Tyler Green

This is the podcast that art critics praise and love. Art historian and critic Tyler Green interviews artists, curators, historians, and of course, other art critics. This weekly hour long podcast has been going ten years strong with interviews from who’s who in the art world. The MAN podcast has even been regarded as “one of the great archives of the art of our time” according to one Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic.

The Modern Art Notes Podcast

Tyler Green

+1 FAN

6) The Great Women Artists

Try to name great women artists in history who aren’t Frida Khalo or Georgia O'Keeffe, and most of us are probably going to have a pretty hard time. That is why art historian and curator Katy Hessel created The Great Women Artists Instagram account-turned podcast to shine a light on these amazing women in art — from abstract landscape artists to data visualization illustrators! Each week, Katy interviews a living woman artist about their practice or speaks with a curator or historian about their favorite woman artist of the past.

The Great Women Artists

Katy Hessel


7) Talk Art Podcast with Russell Tovey and Robert Diament

Two self-declared art nerds geek out on everything art. Host English actor Russell Tovey (known for playing the role of the werewolf in BBC’s Being Human series) met his co-host and friend gallerist Robert Diament at the Frieze Art Fair, and they’ve been nerding over art together ever since. Listen to them talk art with popular British artists, curators, and gallerists, then head over to their Instagram account @TalkArt to complement your listening with visuals.

Talk Art

Russell Tovey and Robert Diament


8) Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

Rambling about clay and art is strongly encouraged in this podcast hosted by ceramicist and podcaster Ben Carter. Started in 2012, Ben has talked to ceramists from all around the world about their practice. Hear from potters, sculptors, authors, historians, and studio operators on all aspects of the discipline and their tales of red clay!

9) Art History Babes Podcast

The Art History Babes

Recorded History Podcast Network


10) Hyperallergic Podcast - Art Movements

Art Movements



11) What Artists Listen to

12) Art Newspaper Weekly

The Art Newspaper Weekly

The Art Newspaper


13) The Jealous Curator Podcast

The Jealous Curator : ART FOR YOUR EAR

The Jealous Curator


14) Finding Van Gogh Podcast

FINDING VAN GOGH (English Version)

Städel Museum


15) AWAYE!


ABC Radio National


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Best Podcasts About Art

15 podcasts

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