10 Best History Podcasts of All Time

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While the world is facing a global crisis and a political reckoning, understanding the past can help us grasp the difficult present and possibly foresee the future.

These top history podcasts are far from your dry history textbooks. Not only do they revisit history in interesting and entertaining ways, but they’ll bring the past back to life. You’ve probably heard of top-rated history podcasts like The Dollop, Revisionist History or Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, but there are so many other unmissible tales out there!

These best history podcasts recommended by Podyssey’s community of history buffs will help you rethink history in a whole different way. Whether you're looking for a short history podcast, world history podcast, or American history, you can brush up on your knowledge of the American presidency, world war I, Black history and beyond. Also, don’t miss out on some cool history podcasts about 90’s pop culture, music history, art history, and food history!

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Best History Podcasts

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1. Hardcore History

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Dan Carlin

+1071 FANS

In "Hardcore History", Dan Carlin takes his unorthodox way of thinking and applies it to the past from WW1 to the Holocaust. This isn't academic history, but the podcast's unique blend of high drama, masterful narration and Twilight Zone-style twists has entertained millions of listeners.

Most Recommended Episode

Show 50 - Blueprint for Armageddon I

3:07:20 | Oct 30th, 2013


The planet hadn't seen a major war between all the Great Powers since the downfall of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. But 99 years later the dam breaks and a Pandora's Box of violence engulfs the planet...Show More

2. Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class

iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks

+618 FANS

From the history of eugenics to the bizarre and bewildering history of godzilla and donuts, two women history podcasters bring you stories of the past you definitely missed in history class in one of the most interesting history podcasts.

Most Recommended Episode

The Kallikaks and the Eugenicists

41:17 | Aug 9th, 2017


Spurred by the same fears, prejudices and societal issues that were driving the progressive movement in general, the eugenics movement in the U.S. focused on identifying, sequestering and even sterili...Show More

3. The Memory Palace

the memory palace

Nate DiMeo

+233 FANS

The Memory Palace is a great history podcast that was a finalist for the 2016 Peabody Award and one of iTunes Best Podcasts of 2015. Short, surprising stories of the past that’s sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hysterical, and often a little bit of both. Critics say it’s one of "the most potent pieces of audio being produced today."

Most Recommended Episode

Episode 157: The House of Lowe

16:23 | Feb 11th, 2020


The Memory Palace is a proud member of Radiotopia, a collective of independently owned and operated podcasts. Help support this show and the network that makes it possible by making a donation today....Show More

4. The Dollop

The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

All Things Comedy | Wondery

+234 FANS

In The Dollop, comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds pick a subject typically from American history and examine it at great length. Each episode centers around an event or person selected for its humorousness or peculiarity.

Most Recommended Episode

12 - The Rube

1:01:37 | Jul 14th, 2014


Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss legendary baseball player Rube Waddell. Tour Dates Sources Dollop Merch

5. SideDoor


Smithsonian Institution

+73 FANS

Millions of treasures fill the Smithsonian’s vaults, but where public view ends, Sidedoor begins. With the help of biologists, artists, historians, archaeologists, zookeepers and astrophysicists, host Tony Cohn sneaks listeners through Smithsonian’s side door to search for stories that can’t be found anywhere else.

Most Recommended Episode

Painting Michelle Obama

24:59 | Apr 25th, 2018


The day that Amy Sherald heard that she had been chosen to paint the official portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama, she called her mom to tell her the news, and then she told her dog. But soon after,...Show More

6. History of the 90’s

History of the 90s


+24 FANS

Travel back in time through the stories that defined a decade in this cool history podcast. The last 10 years of the 20th century was a time like no other.rom Columbine to Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Seinfeld, Air Jordan, and the Spice Girls…if it happened in the 90’s you’ll hear about it on this podcast.

Most Recommended Episode

Tracy Latimer - Mercy Killing or Murder | 10

40:55 | Nov 13th, 2019


In October 1993, Saskatchewan farmer, Robert Latimer, pumped exhaust fumes into the cab of a pickup truck ending the life of his severely disabled 12-year-old daughter.  He claimed it was a mercy kill...Show More

7. You’re Dead to Me

You're Dead To Me

BBC Radio 4

+44 FANS

You’re Dead to Me is a BBC radio 4 history podcast made for people who don’t like history… and those who do. Greg Jenner brings together the best names in comedy and history from Joan of Arc to Ghengis Khan and young Napoleon. Get ready to learn and laugh about the past.

Most Recommended Episode


46:40 | Oct 11th, 2019


We are digging into the history and mystery surrounding Stonehenge. Is it really the symbol of fertility and scene of sacrifice it’s portrayed to be, and what part of Stonehenge is the henge exactly? ...Show More

8. Ridiculous History

Ridiculous History


+87 FANS

History is beautiful, brutal and, often, ridiculous. Join Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown in the best weird history podcast on stories across the span of human civilization.

Most Recommended Episode

The Weird Life of George Washington, Part 1

45:14 | Feb 5th, 2019


Returning special guest Christopher Hassiotis joins the guys today for a round-robin discussion of the very weird life of George Washington, first President of the United States. (As you may have gues...Show More

9. Presidential


The Washington Post

+69 FANS

Presidential is a good american history podcast and political history podcast exploring how each former American president reached office, made decisions, handled crises and redefined the role of commander-in-chief.

Most Recommended Episode

George Washington: The man, the myth, the legend

49:42 | Jan 10th, 2016


Who exactly was our first president? Bob Woodward, Joel Achenbach and Julie Miller kick off our first episode of Presidential.

10. Historically Black

Historically Black

APM Reports & The Washington Post


If you’re looking for podcasts about Black history, begin with Historically Black. As part of The Washington Post's coverage of the Smithsonian's new National Museum of African American History and Culture, people submitted dozens of objects that make up their own lived experiences of African American history, creating a "people's museum" of personal objects, family photos and more. The Historically Black podcast brings those objects and their stories to life through interviews, archival sound and music.

Most Recommended Episode

NASA's Human Computers

19:35 | Sep 19th, 2016


During World War II, a labor shortage obliged the military to hire African American women with mathematical skills to help make complicated computations for warplane designs. This small team of black ...Show More

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