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Rabbit Hole Deep Dive

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This Deep Dive explores the corners of the internet with the transfixing new podcast, ‘Rabbit Hole’ by The New York Times. It's a sonically rich audio series that explores the depths of Youtube’s controversial algorithm, internet stars, conspiracy theories, how the web is changing and how we’re changing with it.

Why are cat videos on Youtube so damn addictive? The first episode of Rabbit Hole answers this age-old question.

Hear from the ingenious AI engineer who structured Youtube’s recommendation algorithm.

😻 This is the top cat video of all-time that’s garnered over 80 million views.

Youtube devotees can easily get lost in the rabbit hole of Youtube, but they can also find purpose on the video-streaming site.

Four years, 14 hours a day, and 12,000 viewed videos later, Caleb descends down the internet rabbit hole. Hear his experience.

This self-described shut-in teenager also found her purpose on Youtube by creating a channel on her exotic pets. Hear her story:

One of the key figures in Rabbit Hole is Pewdiepie, a Swedish Youtube gamer who’s known to be lovable and a bit problematic.

Learn about the rise and the media mayhem of the Youtube emperor.

jennx recommended:May 24th

I used to watch a lot of Pewdiepie videos back in the day but he eventually fell off the radar for me. Really shocking to hear what transpired during these past years paired with the chilling audio clips that brought back haunting nostalgia.

Five: The Accidental Emperor

by Rabbit Hole

An online culture war manifests itself in the real world and an army of die-hard fans take the streets to protest for their king.

Pewdiepie’s Bro army was so outraged at the Wall Street Journal’s takedown of their king that they defaced the WSJ’s website.

What does PewDiePie think of all of this?

He speaks with The New York Times for the first-time since the WSJ drama.

argentum recommended:May 23rd

Pewdiepie giving an interview is interesting

Six: Impasse

by Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole also highlighted sensational conspiracy theories that surface from the dark side of the web.

From the QAnon believers, Jeffrey Epstein, to Pizzagate, listen to the conspiracies of America’s most powerful figures.

phocks recommended:May 29th

Now we're really getting into the good stuff.

Seven: 'Where We Go One'

by Rabbit Hole

Hear from QAnons believers, virologists and conspiracy theory experts in this video from VICE.

Learn about Youtube algorithms and why users are now seeing fewer conspiracy theories in their YouTube recommendations.

What else can we do to combat conspiracy theories? Check out this playlist to learn more.

The internet can be harmful and destructive. It can radically change our behaviors and beliefs.

Listen to the rise of political radicalization and alt-right groups on Youtube.

mm recommended:May 7th

There’s so much mainstream talk about alt-right and terrorist radicalization YouTube content, but not much about extreme left content. Fascinating how the strategies, conversion tactics and tone of content are the same despite the ideological differences.

Three: Mirror Image

by Rabbit Hole

Hear how a shy, queer woman accidentally jumpstarted one of the internet’s most toxic male groups, the incels.

The internet can also be a joyful place where we can be creative and have fun.

The last episode of Rabbit Hole touches on the popular social media app, TikTok, and how it curates their social feed to give the happiest representation of humanity partially because of its owners.

Learn about the fascinating origins of TikTok and how it grew to 800 million users worldwide.

mm recommended:Jan 12th

Really insightful history and analysis about the consumer breakout app TikTok. Did not know it was a US-first company that started as even thought I’ve heard of them. Origin story included a failed education app, some teens on the Caltrain, a lip syncing contest show, and a copycat app. F...Show More


by Acquired

There might be a silver lining in this whole issue with Youtube.

Listen to this enlightening interview with the CEO of Youtube and how the Coronavirus pandemic has changed their moderation strategy.

rmmiller364 recommended:May 9th

Very interesting. The interviewer asked the YouTube CEO a good question at the end: “if you’re doing such a good job controlling misinformation about COVID-19, why can’t you do the same with other topics?”

Four: Headquarters

by Rabbit Hole

But Youtube isn’t the only video streaming platform battling content moderation problems. Hear the issues at Pornhub.

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