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Ana Marie Cox, political columnist and culture critic, sits down with liberals and conservatives, pastors, writers, activists, and other people you should know for an open, funny, in-depth conversation about what divides us - a show about listening i...Show More

1:26:09 | Jul 28th, 2017

After an intro in which I acknowledge the numerous categories of people who have *some idea* of what it’s like to live with an oppressor in the White House, I am joined by New York Times Magazine writer Greg Howard (@greghoward88) to discuss the afte...Show More

1:05:39 | Mar 31st, 2017

Disability rights activist Alice Wong jumps right in with the awkward as we discuss who can even say “#cripthevote.” We discuss the coming deluge of #inspiring #promposals involving disabled people, and why she hopes they go away eventually. David Pe...Show More
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1:04:10 | Mar 24th, 2017

Disagreeing about facts is one thing, what if you disagree about reality? Adam Savage (“Mythbusters,” Tested.com) joins to help a WFLT listener whose sister has embraced right-wing conspiracy theories. MTV’s Ezekiel Kweku comes by to discuss how Amer...Show More

51:20 | Nov 15th

What do Goop and Capitalism have in common? Both refuse to go away despite how much suffering they’ve caused! This week Amanda Mull (@amandamull) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to discuss these topics and more. They begin by talking about fashion...Show More

48:45 | Nov 8th

This week Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) sits down with Robert J. Lifton to remind you how bad things have gotten politically— but that remaining optimistic is not totally insane. They begin by drawing the parallels between Trump and other cult leaders...Show More
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