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Allyson Webster


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poisonedink44 recommended:Jan 23rd

The sound quality at the beginning of the episode was terrible. But this is honestly one of the funniest episodes they have had. If you ever had pet sea monkeys you need to hear this.

The Terrible Secret of Sea Monkeys (Live Show)

by Behind the Bastards

poisonedink44 recommended:Nov 26th, 2019

So last night I was driving home alone and the preview for this episode came on. They gave a warning that they were about to play this evil sound and began reading a disclaimer. I know that this is a fictional podcast but I stopped the podcast because I was too afraid to hear this “Unsound” as I dro...Show More

Episode 103 - The Unsound

by The Black Tapes

poisonedink44 recommended:Oct 10th, 2019

This episode brings up a lot of interesting questions about censorship. Is it right to ban a book that is an instruction manual for murder?

"This Sh*t Can't Be Protected"

by Hit Man

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