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Episode Recommendations (3)

alyjo007 recommended:Dec 19th, 2019

Super interesting episode and I’m glad it was suggested to me. As a historian who works with an archaeology team, this really hit me. We’re always concerned about losing history to weather, war, and other disasters, so it’s wonderful to know that there are people who have successfully protected thei...Show More

Collateral Damage

by Kerning Cultures | Middle East

mm recommended:May 3rd, 2019

Started listening to this about the Huawei Meng case. They definitely amped up the drama. Terrific use of the podcast form.

Episode 1: The Arrival

by Sanctioned: The Arrest of a Telecom Giant

alyjo007 recommended:May 3rd, 2019

Super informative episode and the hosts are fantastic as always

#130 The Snapchat Thief

by Reply All