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Serial creative audio drama, magical realism, and both fictional + real investigations. I enjoy ethical, well-produced true crime but find it's hard to come by.

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kriscooke recommended:Apr 7th

Enlightening 5-part series on the weird and wonderful history and development of vaccines, and origins of the anti-vaccine backlash.

'Endless Thread' Presents: 'Infectious'

by Endless Thread

kriscooke recommended:Apr 28th, 2019

Ever saw COPS on TV and wondered, "how is this allowed to be filmed?"

1: The One-Celled Amoeba

by Running from COPS - Headlong Season 3

kriscooke recommended:Feb 16th, 2019

Reminds me of my grandpa who used to whistle the song and spin tales of the Big Rock Candy Mountains. Our trucker friend sets a course to take a passenger there for real.

Big Rock Candy Mountains

by Scenic Byways

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