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mattu recommended:Apr 11th, 2018

Because...well, nobody does a show like this quite like Roman. Oh, and I'm a frustrated architect. I guess.

302- Lessons from Las Vegas

by 99% Invisible

mattu recommended:Apr 7th, 2018

The advent of ebooks has greatly simplified this process, but, once upon a time, it was a challenge to publish a genuinely bad novel. (and more...)

Re:sound #253 Naked Strangers

by Re:sound

mattu recommended:Mar 26th, 2018

Brilliant, and what's left unstated: podcasting today is where the internet itself was 25 years ago. We should note that (for now) we don't see Google and Facebook and Amazon dominating podcasting content, thank gopod.

Ep. 224 - How To Un-F**k The Internet


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